What are Story Origins?


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With the release of the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, players have been given access to a whole new slew of player options this storyline season: Deep Gnomes, Genasi, Goliaths, and more spells than you can shake an Elemental Prince at! That all sounds like some exciting potential for adventure along the Sword Coast and on the shores of the Moonsea.

But not so fast! Does your character have access to those options? The answer lies in the rules regarding story origins. Continue reading

Master Dungeon Master #10


#10 : Princes of the Apocalypse, part 1


I am so Bilanko_oldmodsexcited to have, in my hands, the hardcopy of Princes of the Apocalypse. I am a big fan of Elemental Evil. I have been hoarding original copies of Temple of Elemental Evil and The Elder Elemental Eye, which was one of my favorite 4th edition Encounters seasons.

For fun, check out the video footage from Twenty Sided Store’s Elder Elemental Eye Session 0 a few years ago.

Adventure Planning

Many of you have asked how I take an open sandbox adventure and break it up into Encounters sessions. In next few articles, I will outline my main goal for each session, how I directed Team DM, and how we brought the players to the table creating a great start to a new season of collaborative storytelling. Continue reading

FAQ Update 4/17/2015


The new Elemental Evil Player’s Guide is out! The V2 of the Player’s Guide has a few changes and resulted in a few commonly ask questions. This article aims to tackle a few of these questions at a time. To see previous questions please review the FAQ Wiki.

Do you have questions about D&D Expeditions or D&D Encounters? There are fan maintained documents with advice and fan suggested errata for all Tyranny of Dragons (published adventures and D&D Expeditions) and Elemental Evil D&D Expeditions, as well as Princes of the Apocalypse.

How should Dungeon Masters handle the legendary sword Hazirawn?

An author of Hoard of the Dragon Queen (Steve Winter) has stated that there is a misprint in the book and that an un-attuned character would still inflict 1d6 Necrotic damage with the sword.

Hazirawn is a sentient sword, thus if the wielder is not acting in accordance with the swords motivations (Neutral Evil alignment) it may suppress any of it’s attuned properties at will.

Per the D&D Adventurers League Player’s Guide V2 (Elemental Evil) p10, “Dungeon Masters should feel free to use the Dungeon Masters Guide to help run games if they so choose.”

Dungeon Master’s Guide p214, “Sentient magic items function as NPCs under the DM’s control. Any activated property of the item is under the item’s control, not its wielder’s. As long as the wielder maintains a good relationship with the item, the wielder can access those properties normally. If the relationship is strained, the item can suppress its activated properties or even turn them against the wielder.”

For AL legal play can you roll for treasure for random encounters in Prince of the Apocalypse?

Random encounters allow for Experience Points as rewards only, no treasure.

If the adventure states that there is an unspecified amount of gold for a reward you may roll for mundane  treasure per the Individual Treasure table on p136 of the Dungeon Masters Guide, using the average value listed. No magic items can be found if not specifically listed in the adventure.

Can DMs put their Elemental Evil DM reward cert (choice of item/gold) on a Tyranny of Dragons character?

No. In order to be eligible for a DM Reward certificate, a character must be:

1) A starting character. That is a character with 0 experience that has not been played in an adventure yet.

2) Created with the story origin identical to that of the DM reward certificate. An Elemental Evil character may receive the Elemental Evil DM reward certificate, but a Tyranny of Dragons character cannot.

Elemental Evil in Organized Play – Round Table podcast


Listen to the most recent Round Table podcast where the hosts talk about Elemental Evil in organized play. The hosts include D&D Expeditions designer Mike Shea, US Southeast Regional Coordinator Topher Kohan, super host James Intracaso and community member, Joe Lastowski.

SPOILER WARNING for D&D Expeditions and D&D Encounters


The Growing of the D&D Adventurers League


We’re coming up on a year that the campaign admins have been working on the D&D Adventurers League. In that time we’ve pulled together the campaign from ideas spawned in emails and google hangouts. We’ve written, then played adventures, and have grown a great community as a result. In addition to the campaign admins and Wizards of the Coast employees, there have been others who have worked tirelessly to make this community thrive.  Continue reading

FAQ for 4/10/2015


The new Elemental Evil Player’s Guide is out! The V2 of the Player’s Guide has a few changes and resulted in a few commonly ask questions. This article aims to tackle a few of these questions at a time. To see previous questions please review the FAQ Wiki.

Can a character with the Elemental Evil story origin be used in the Tyranny of Dragons adventures?

Yes, story origins only limit source options for character creation and character advancement, not which adventures they’re able to play in.

Is the Dungeon Masters Basic Rules an Allowed Rules source for characters?

No. While, the Adventurers League Players Guide lists the D&D Basic Rules as an allowed rules source, it is referring to the Player’s Basic Rules specifically.

While the DM Basic Rules is not an allowed rules source, it can however be used when summoning creatures if the player is unable to find an appropriate creature within an allowed rules source, such as the Player’s Handbook, or appendix A of the Monster Manual.

How do we handle magic item certs that have an incorrect rarity printed on them?

The Player’s Guide only permits trades of items of the same rarity. Magic item rarities are set forth in the DM Basic Rules and the Dungeon Master’s Guide (“DMG”).  Where the rarity on a certificate differs from the rarity set forth in the  Basic Rules or DMG, the rarity in the Basic Rules or DMG governs. Therefore, be sure to check those sources to verify the rarity of the items being traded before making a trade.

Official D&D Adventurers League Online Region


We’re excited to announce that the D&D Adventurers League has added the D&D Adventurers League Online​ group as an official region for the campaign, highlighting the importance of online play in the league. As an official group, the group will be a “region” and will have a “regional coordinator” to join the ranks of the D&D Adventurers League campaign staff (more info coming on that soon). The regional coordinator will have the ability to help players find information about online D&D Adventurers League play, award regional preview adventures to online conventions, and contribute to the campaign.

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/onlineadventureleague/

Google+ Community: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/104095669932028051654