Get DCI numbers online with the new Wizards Account System

Wizards Account System

The new Wizards Account System makes it easier for you to access and manage many of your existing accounts with Wizards of the Coast, including your DCI, Planeswalker Points, customer support, and community forum accounts. Existing account holders will have the opportunity to unify their accounts under a single Login ID and Password whenever they login.

This is a big change to the system that should enable stores to easily get players DCI numbers and save time.

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Carnagecast 56: Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League


Carnagecast talks about D&D and the Adventurers League.

From the website:

The new edition of Dungeons & Dragonsdescends on A Fistful of Carnage this November, giving convention-goers not only a chance to sample the latest version of the hobby’s most well-known game, but the new Adventurers League organized play structure, which brings the excitement not only to the convention circuit, but game stores and your own home. Ray talks with Al Spader of Jetpack Comics and lead Dungeon Master for the Adventurers League offerings at A Fistful of Carnage to get the inside scoop of what’s new and cool in Dungeons & Dragons.

The Jetpack Comics crew has a full slate of events for the weekend at Killington, with some cool perks of their own to pique your interest. Listen to the episode for details, and then sign up to play in their games at A Fistful of Carnage!



FAQ Update October 3rd 2014

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Can players use the DungeonScape beta in D&D Adventurers League games?

Yes, players can use DungeonScape in D&D Adventurers League games. Since the program is in beta players should also have a hardcopy character sheet and access to books for the required character information.

Is there a place to report errata and typos in D&D Adventurers League adventures?

Yes, please see the Errata sheet here. This is a Google Document set up so fans can report errata and typos, but the errata has not been approved by the D&D Adventurers League as of yet.

Do I need to report my games? Do I need a DCI number or my Dungeon Master’s DCI
number? Where do I get a DCI number? If I have forgotten my DCI number, how do I get
It depends on where you play. Home games and online play do not get reported, neither do games at conventions unless they are sponsored by a store. The only paperwork the Adventurers League requires for such games is for players to fill in their log sheets. Unlike
other organized play campaigns, there is no other paperwork or reporting required! Because home games and online play do not get reported, you do not need to bother with DCI numbers when playing such games.
Games played at stores and at conventions sponsored by stores do get reported to Wizards. Stores should have DCI cards for new players and Dungeon Masters to get DCI numbers, and stores can order more from Wizards. All reporting is handled by the stores (although they may delegate that duty to an organizer).
If you had a DCI number in the past, either from playing in another Wizards program such as Magic or from playing in the RPGA, your store organizer can find your DCI number by your last name in the Wizards Event Reporter. You can also contact Wizards Customer Service. In the US, Canada, and Mexico the number is (800) 224-6496. The numbers for other regions can be found at


Regional Coordinator for the US Plains Region needed


The current regional coordinator for the Plains region (Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas) has moved outside the region and stepped down from the position.  We wish Adam luck in his new endeavors and we doubt it’ll be the last we hear of him.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the D&D Adventurers League as the US Plains Regional Coordinator read the details of the position then fill out the form below to apply. We’ll be accepting applicants until next Friday 10/3. If you’ve already applied, no need to reapply Continue reading



With the recent In Store or Store Affiliate Play Options page we described how to start organizing the D&D Adventurers league at your store. This article explains how to manage D&D Encounters and gives you a few options in order to make it work well for your store.

Previously D&D Encounters was the only in-store program available, as such the new direction of D&D Adventurers League play, which includes D&D Encounters as well a D&D Expeditions and Casual D&D Events takes some getting used to.


Frequently Asked Questions for 9/12/14


Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions, pulled together by the Far West Regional Coordinator, Arthur Severance. These questions deal with the faction kits from Encounters, Magic Items, & Official Rules answers.

I did not get a faction kit. The store where I play ran out of kits. Will Wizards make more kits? Where do I get a kit? What is in them?

Unfortunately, many people did not get kits; supplies were limited. Fortunately, although kits are cool, you do not need one to play in the Adventurers League.

Wizards produced a very limited number of kits that it gave to stores to promote the start of the current D&D Encounters season. Stores that ordered D&D Encounters for August 2014 got about 20 player’s kits and four Dungeon Master’s kits. Wizards does not have any more and does not plan to make any more for this season.

However there will be kits next season! The best way to get one is to play in the Encounters program on Wednesdays. Wizards gets the reporting data from Encounters and uses it to decide how many magic item certificates to give stores each month. It will also use that data to determine which stores should get next season’s kits and how many the stores will need. The more people who play now, the more kits Wizards will know to make for the next season!

While the kits are certainly cool, you do not need them to play. They contained a folder, a sticker, a table tent, a welcome certificate, a consumable magic item, and a code for use in the online game Neverwinter Nights. The Dungeon Master kits also contained a certificate on which a Dungeon Master could start a character with extra gold, a set of armor, or a magic item.

Do I need a certificate to use a magic item, and can I get one for an item I got in a home game or at a convention?

No, and generally no. Page 6 of the Adventurers League Player’s Guide clearly states that you do not need a certificate to use a magic item. You only need them if you want to trade a magic item.
Stores or conventions that have certificates may give them to players at in-person, public games to players that already earned the associated magic item, but did not get a certificate for it.
Note that certificates are very limited, and most locations will not have access to extras or may reserve them for play at their in-person, public events.

Will there be official rulings on ambiguities in the D&D rules? Where should I to find official rulings?

You can always contact Game Support for guidance on a ruling in the D&D rules, but the Dungeon Master is the final arbiter of rules at your table. The basic rules and Player’s Handbook are the go-to sources for all gameplay-related questions (most questions can be answered with the basic rules); the basic rules, Player’s Handbook, and any other player-oriented reference materials should be used for character-specific rules.

Dungeons & Dragons & Extra Life


The Dungeons & Dragons team is leading an effort to help children through the Extra Life event. Find out how to participate!

In addition for raising money for a great charity you can help out your D&D Adventurers League character with great rewards.

For those gamers who help on this quest, we have a special reward. Participating members of the D&D Extra Life team who raise $50 or more will receive some promotions to be used in the D&D Adventurers League and in the Neverwinter MMORPG. Like last year, we’ll also be supporting our donors with periodic rewards during the livestream. More details will be available in October.

See the Wizards website article for full details: