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A Midwinter Elk Appears (with a Midwinter Gift!)

Happy Holidays from Max Energy Games and our D&D family! We regularly run 5+ tables of 5e AL at our weekly “Tabletop Tuesdays” at our favorite game store, Gamers Vault in Medford, New Jersey.

A majestic elk dusted with snowflakes along its back gallops toward you. Its coat has a strange sheen to it, but before you can investigate, you notice the sealed scroll held gently in its mouth. It nudges the scroll toward you, and you discover… A MIDWINTER GIFT!


More Midwinter Festivities!

Not sure what Midwinter is all about? Check out our original post about this fun December holiday here!

Have you accepted your invitation to the Midwinter Gala? Play DDAL00-05 Winter’s Splendor by Ashley Warren! Get this Tier 1 adventure free in Dragon+ Magazine (including an interview with the author) or purchase it on DMsGuild here. Don’t forget to check out some rewards clarifications in Detect Thoughts.

Don’t forget to share your AL group’s 2018 photos with [email protected] for this year’s slideshow or use on our social media pages!

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