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A Thousand Tiny Deaths

A Thousand Tiny Deaths, an alternate hook adventure for the Forge of Fury is now available on the DMsGuild. Play this short adventure before you delve into the Forge of Fury from Tales from the Yawning Portal. And don’t forget, starting Wednesday, May 3rd, A Thousand Tiny Deaths is the Quest of the Week. When you participate in the #DMQuests and run the Quest of the Week adventure, you get to double your DM Rewards (XP, GP, Renown). Download the #DMQuests from the DM Pack on the DMsGuild for free.

DDAL06-01 A Thousand Tiny Deaths

Designer: Travis Woodall
Level Range:
 1-4 (3)
Adventure Length: 2 hours

The promises of glory and the chance of riches draw you to Blasingdell, a small village near the infamous Stone Tooth. Within the rocky mountain lay the dwarven stronghold Khundrukar and the fabled Forge of Fury, to which a chance encounter provides you with the location of a hitherto unknown entrance. Are you brave enough to explore this mystery? Will it lead to wealth or doom?

Purchase DDAL06-01 A Thousand Tiny Deaths from the DMsGuild.


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  1. I played through this adventure as a small player race, I really enjoyed how this adventure brought meaning to player size.

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