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Adventurer’s League CCC Program Expands Across the Realms

The D&D Adventurers League (DDAL) is proud to announce a test expansion to the Convention Created Content (CCC) program that will allow even more stories to be told! The success of the CCC program has led to a crowded Moonsea with lots and lots of CCCs being created. So Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) has decided to try an experiment and allow organizers who exceed certain benchmarks to access regions outside the Moonsea. Conventions who are offered this opportunity gain sole authority to write CCCs in their specified region. So while a DDAL, DDEP, or even Hardcover adventure might someday visit the region, no CCC from another convention organizer will. The first two regions being opened in the initial trial are:

  • The Border Kingdoms (Gamehole Con)
  • The Moonshae Isles (Baldman Games)

The admins consider a number of criteria when recommending a region of the Realms for a coordinator’s exclusive use. These might include: number of attendees, number of CCC adventures put out, CCC track record on quality and deadlines, sales figures and reviews for previous CCCs, community impact of the convention, response to input, and others. While the admins make recommendations, the final decision rests with WOTC.

So how do you get your own region? There is no formal request process. Right now you want to make sure your conventions are highly visible with a large DDAL attendance. Request the opportunity to write CCCs in the Moonsea and do a really good job on them. Develop a successful track record with your CCCs and meet your deadlines. Make sure the admins know about your con and CCCs. Share stories about them and your con with us and the community. The more visible and successful your convention and CCC adventures are, the more likely you may be considered for this new opportunity and contacted in the future. If you have any questions about this announcement, please contact [email protected].

This is only the beginning of changes coming to the DDAL and the admins look forward to sharing more exciting opportunities with you as the summer develops. Until then, see you around the table!

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