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AL Campaign Rules Update | February 2020

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What’s New?

Added Tier 2 pregenerated character sheets

  • High Elf Wizard
  • Hill Dwarf Cleric
  • Lightfoot Halfling Rogue
  • Variant Human Fighter
  • How to use doc

Updates to the Oracle of War DMs Guide

  • Guidance on gold wealth and character death
  • Finding magic items and consumables during play (consumed or lost items found in adventure are marked off all players records…)
  • Legacy events and which players are affected (at least half of players must have the event to proceed with consequences…)
  • DM Rewards (add same rewards as group earned…)
  • Player race not legal for play in OoW (Tortle)

Updates to the Oracle of War Player’s Guide

  • What source books you need to play (Xanathar’s Guide to Everything)
  • Between adventure purchases (Visit Salvation…)
  • Spellcasting Services (from magewrights…)
  • Player race not legal for play in OoW (Tortle)
Ma'at Crook

Author: Ma'at Crook

Ma’at (ma ought) Crook serves as an Adventurers League Community Manager. She’s a writer and illustrator of Dungeons & Dragons content, including two Ennie nominated AL adventures (links and more info at

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