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AL Guidance: Saltmarsh Encounters

To coincide with the release of Saltmarsh Encounters — written by the Dungeon Masters Guild Adepts — on the Stay At Home. Play At Home. resource page hosted by Wizards of the Coast, we’re pleased to add it to the list of products legal for play in the Adventurers League.

Saltmarsh Encounters presents 60 short encounters for the town, coast, and sea. Over 150 variations are included, making the encounters highly replayable and allowing you to customize them to fit YOUR game. The supplement is great for Ghosts of Saltmarsh or any coastal or high seas campaign!

The following guidance applies, and will be added to the next version of the AL Content Catalog:


All gp rewards are replaced with the guidance in Adventurers League campaign documentation.


Once a character has received one Minor Beneficial Effect and/or one Major Beneficial Effect, they can’t gain another Minor or Major Beneficial Effect from the font for one week.


Option 4 does not exist in Adventurers League play. Instead, if a 4 is rolled, both Option 1 and Option 3 are used.

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