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Amendments to Out of the Abyss

This article includes minor spoilers for Out of the Abyss, but they are spoilers nonetheless. If you are awesome at roleplaying games and don’t want to know things that deep down you know you shouldn’t, stop reading here.



D&D Adventurers League Amendments to Out of the Abyss


Out of the Abyss contains a number of references instructing the DM to roll randomly on different magic item tables in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. To ensure consistency and an enjoyable experience for our players, the D&D Adventurers League does not permit the random generation of treasure–specifically magic items. To that end, the following guidance is to be used in determining what treasure is awarded in encounters that would otherwise award randomly-determined treasure. If you or your DMs have already passed the relevant encounter(s) and treasure has already been determined, there is no need to retroactively change the awarded treasure. However, from this point forward, the following guidance applies:

 OotA-Amendments PDF

Amend the entries below, as follows:

Page 32 (Page 28 of hardcover)

“Ambush Lair Discoveries”

d20 Discovery

18–19 A humanoid skeleton or corpse carrying a small leather pouch containing dust of disappearance.

20 A monster hoard containing 2d6 50 gp gems, a potion of frost giant strength, and a pair of sending stones.”

Page 33 (Page 29 of hardcover)

“Mad Creature Possessions”

d20 Discovery

18–19 A spell scroll of message

20 Goggles of night made out of wood, leather, and smoky-gray glass”

Page 34 (Page 29 of hardcover)

“Raider Leader Possessions”

d20 Cargo

20 A potion of hill giant strength.

Page 48 (Page 43 of hardcover)

“Duergar Keelboat Cargo”

d20 Discovery

20 A locked iron chest containing 3d6 × 100 gp and a suit of mariner’s armor (studded leather).

Page 138, Area 4B. “Drow Warehouse” (hardcover, only)

Replace the paragraph following the “Treasure” subheading with:

“Each storage building contains 2d6 crystal vials of exotic perfume worth 100 gp each, 3d6 crystal bottles of distilled beverages worth 25 gp each, and 2d6 vials of carrion crawler mucus (see “Poisons” in chapter 8 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide). Characters also find 1d10 × 10 pounds of food and 1d10 × 5 gallons of water stored in each building. Finally, the characters find the following items:

In the first storage building:

  • (2) potions of healing

In the second storage building:

    • Spell scroll of invisibility
  • Potion of climbing

In the third storage building:

  • Bag of holding
  • Potion of greater healing
  • Spell scroll of find familiar”

Page 139, Area 5B “Duergar Warehouse” (hardcover, only)

Replace the paragraph following bullets beneath the “Treasure” subheading with:

“An iron safe stands in a corner of the storage building. The safe weighs 1,000 pounds, is locked, and contains a potion of fire breath, a spell scroll of lesser restoration, a potion of greater healing, and a lantern of revealing (without oil).”

Page 140, Area 6B “Svirfneblin Warehouse” (hardcover, only)

Replace the second paragraph under the “Treasure” subheading with:

“Half way up the southeast wall is a hidden compartment. Finding it requires a successful DC 19

Wisdom (Perception) check. The compartment contains a Quaal’s feather token (swan boat), an elixir of health, and a scroll of protection from fey.”

Page 188 (hardcover, only)

“Maze Engine Effects”

d100 Effect

49–52 The engine emits a flash of yellowish-white light. A +2 halberd made of a single piece of brass with an oscillating, gear-shaped blade appears in a safe location within 120 feet of the engine.”

Page 192 (hardcover, only)

“Goblin Tunnel”

d20 Tunnel Destination

7–8 A hidden cave containing 4d8 goblins and a goblin boss, who will trade a potion of heroism in its possession for the equivalent of 30 days of food.”

Page 210, “Death Tyrant” Encounter (hardcover, only)

Replace the paragraph following the “Treasure” subheading with:

If the characters defeat the death tyrant, they can plunder its hoard: 4d6 × 1,000 gp, 5d6 × 100

pp, 3d6 500 gp gems, a potion of stone giant strength, a spell scroll of greater invisibility, and a chime of opening.”

Appendix B, Page 58 (Page 222 of hardcover)

Add the following paragraph to the “Dawnbringer” entry:

“If an evil creature attempts to attune to the weapon, it not only finds it impossible, but Dawnbringer attempts to take control of its wielder (DC 14 Charisma saving throw). If the weapon is successful, it insists on being taken to the surface or willingly given to the first creature it comes across that is not a member of a race indigenous to the Underdark. Dawnbringer will not allow its relinquishment to a creature that it or its wielder knows is evil, and instead compels its wielder to find a new recipient.”

In Bruenor’s Service

In exchange for their service to Gauntlgrym, King Bruenor Battlehammer offers the characters titles, property within the dwarven city, as well as a single work from the Great Forge of the city.

  • Titles. You gain the title: Hammer of the Iron Tabernacle. When interacting with a dwarf, duergar, or another NPC familiar with the history of Gauntlgrym, you are known as a hero of legend. You have advantage on Charisma checks when interacting with these people. Additionally, among the dwarves of Gauntlgrym, you gain the benefit of the Noble background Position of Privilege feature as described in the Player’s Handbook.
  • Property. You have been gifted with a manor in the city of Gauntlgrym. While in the city, you pay only half the normal lifestyle expenses incurred while spending downtime days. You may decide to return to your manor between Expeditions and Epics adventures.
  • The Great Forge. The character receives a magical suit of adamantine or mithral armor of a type of their choosing. While wearing the armor, you have advantage on saving throws against poison, and you can always successfully determine how far underground you are. This armor does not count against the number of permanent magic items the character possesses; however, as an un-certed permanent magic item, it can’t be traded or sold.
  • Spoils of a Defeated Drow. Bruenor has in his possession a Cloak of Arachnida which he took from a defeated drow. If a character cannot or will not take armor from the great forge he will offer the cloak as an alternative. There is a cert for this item included in the Out of the Abyss certs.

Drowcraft Items

During the course of Out of the Abyss, some characters may obtain drowcraft items–many of which are also permanent magic items. Such items are destroyed after prolonged exposure to sunlight. While it should be assumed that a character exercises due-diligence in safeguarding such equipment from the sun, any permanent magic item that is destroyed due to exposure to sunlight no longer counts against that character’s number of permanent magic items.

OotA-Amendments PDF

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