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And the 2020 ENnie nominees are…

Voting for the 2020 ENnie Tabletop RPG Awards is open, and we are THRILLED to announce that D&D Adventurers League community members have been selected for all five nominations in the Best Organized Play category!

Jaunt to the Center of Faerun (CCC-ALMOG-20), Noah Grand


Protégé of the Trampling Forest (CCC-KUMORI-03-01), Ma’at Crook


Stygia Untamed (CCC-GSP02-02), Greasy Snitches & Paul Gabat

The Only Way to be Sure (CCC-COS-01), Jason Panella & Jim Parkin

Where Can She Be (CCC-NBDD01-02), Robbie Pleasant

Voting is live and runs until 11:45 PM EST on July 12th.
Winners will be announced via live broadcast as part of Gen Con Online, July 31st at 8pm EST.

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