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We (the Admins and Wizards of the Coast) want to encourage conventions and even stores to invite Admins, Regional Coordinators, and Local Coordinators to their games so we can meet you, share promo goodies, and generally help build community. Some of the things we’ve done to help increase the value of having a campaign staffer show up were special certs, the various limited promo goodies like dice or buttons, and also Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire (trading post).

WinterFantasy_SnowyLogo-4C-300dpiFor Winter Fantasy we are experimenting with another idea: author exclusive adventures. These are adventures written by one of the six D&D Adventurers League Admins or Wizards of the Coast D&D staff member, and can only be run by the person that wrote them. They are very special and unique experiences. They are not specifically tied to a season’s theme and are more “evergreen.” The level spread, treasure, xp, plot, etc… are all up to that author. They are generally four hours in length. At the moment only the six Admins and Wizards staff can do this, but if it works, we might spread it to Regional Coordinators, Local Coordinators, or maybe even DMs that prove themselves in some manner. Note this is a trial program and we have no specific timeline as to how soon you could do this yourself. We are going to try the idea at Winter Fantasy and GaryCon and then talk about how it went.

We want to know your opinion on this idea and have a few questions for you at the end of the article, but for now, delve into the adventure blurbs for the DDAO (D&D Author Only) adventures.


Image by Frank Foulis

“Admins” – Image by Frank Foulis

DDAO-1 Window to the Past: by Alan Patrick – When a Thayan research expedition returns from the Glacier of the White Wyrm with only two survivors that can only whisper about an ancient pyramid under the ice, perhaps it is time to discover just what scares the life out of a nation of necromancers. A four hour adventure for levels 5-10, 11-16, or 17-20. At Winter Fantasy

DDAO-2 One Night in Luskan: by Bill Benham – Action! Adventure! Debauchery! Pirates! All this and more can be found in Luskan, City of Sails. Do you have what it takes to survive in this den of larceny and vice? Fame, wealth, and even a chance to do something good await! A four hour adventure for levels 1-4, 5-10, or 11-16. At Winter Fantasy

DDAO-3 The Taming of Elisande: by Greg Marks – The mystery of Elisande has finally been revealed. Potentially a powerful weapon that could alter the balance of power in the Moonsea, you’ve been asked to accompany her as she journeys into the Bloodstone Lands. Will you be able to sway her to way of your thinking? A four hour adventure for levels 1-4, 5-10, or 11-16. At Winter Fantasy & GaryCon

DDAO-4 Halruaa Rising: by Robert Adducci – The magical folk of Halruaa have returned to Faerûn after nearly 100 years. With their magical airships they reach out to countries and city-states across the Sword Coast with offers of friendship, but is that truly what they seek? Can you unravel the mysterious ways of the Halruaans or will you succumb to their arcane might? A four hour adventure for levels 1-4, 5-10, or 11-16. At Winter Fantasy & GenghisCon

DDAO-5 The Space Between the Spaces: by Travis Woodall – That which is lost can often be found, provided that you know where to look. Not too long ago, a young priestess of Kelemvor was betrayed and joined her deity in death. Her allies come to you seeking to retrieve her body so that she can continue to serve in life. This may be easier said than done, however, as doing so may require you to slip into the spaces between the spaces–a feat that few can claim to have accomplished. A four hour adventure for levels 11-16. At Winter Fantasy

DDAO-06 TBA (Mike Mearls) At Winter Fantasy and GaryCon

DDAO-07 Holocaust Pursuit (Chris Lindsay) The Book of Vile Darkness has been stolen from beneath the library at Candlekeep, and though the monks have chased the thief all the way to Waterdeep, they’re ill-equipped to delve into Undermountain where they suspect foul play most apocalyptic. At Winter Fantasy and GaryCon

DDAO-08 TBA (Chris Perkins) At GaryCon

Now that you’ve had a chance to read the blurbs we have a few questions for you. Please reply in the comments:

1) Is this a good/bad idea? Be specific. Be polite. Provide reasons.

2) How likely are you to invite an Admin or Wizards Staff who can bring this adventure to your event, assuming there is some cost? (Admins are not being paid to write this adventure. We are doing it to give out more content and because we want to give you value if you bring us out. That said, we can’t afford to pay to fly all over the country to come to your con. None of us are wealthy.)

3) How likely does this make you want to come to a convention or store that has one of these adventures at their event?

4) Assuming we eventually retired the adventure and released it to the public, what is the right timeline for that? (Note its not tied to a season and writing them for free is not something we have tons of time for, so think in terms of multiples of years.)

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Author: Greg Marks

Greg Marks is an evil mastermind directing his criminal army of precocious felines from the birthplace of gaming: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. He and his cat minions have worked on products for multiple editions of Dungeons and Dragons including Complete Scoundrel, City of Stormreach and Dragon Magic.

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  1. I’d like to see these released to the public soon after they are run at the scheduled conventions. For example, I would LOVE to tie DDAO-7 into an Undermountain campaign, and not all of us can make it to conventions.

    • Hi Joe,

      The DDAO adventures don’t really work that way. They can only be run by their admin/staff authors (and indeed are not really “written” up beyond some notes and stat blocks). Once author comes up with an idea, they use that idea at every convention or game store they are invited to as a special event for inviting them. If they choose to retire theirs, such as Alan did DDAO-01, the author can choose to write it up (unpaid) and release it as an official DDAL season zero adventure if they choose too. He is the first person to choose to do so since the DDAO program premiered over a year ago. I can’t say if Mr. Lindsay will every do that with his series or not (which includes DDAO-07), but if he did so, that would be up to him. If he does so, I would be surprised if it was soon.

      Greg Marks


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