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Avernus Rising Campaign Uploads, Thrice the Fun

We have three adventure uploads to the DMs Guild for the Avernus Rising campaign! Attend an archdevil’s ball, deal with a swarm of hellwasps, and search for an ancient artifact. Enjoy your time in the Nine Hells!

DDAL09-12 The Breath of Life by Jared Fagan

DDAL09-13 The Swarmed Heart by Bianca Bickford

DDAL09-14 The Vast Emptiness of Grace by Travis Woodall


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Ma’at (ma ought) Crook serves as an Adventurers League Community Manager. She’s a writer and illustrator of Dungeons & Dragons content, including two Ennie nominated AL adventures (links and more info at

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  1. Nice! I am already hyped to play in our Descent Into Avernus campaign in may. These modules are a great way to fill the time until then :).

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