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Bonds and Backgrounds for Hillsfar

The next season of D&D Adventurers League adventures starts in just a few short weeks at GenCon! For the season you can continue to use the character(s) you’ve been playing or you can create new character(s) from the Hillsfar region of the Moonsea. In the linked PDF you’ll find the State of Hillsfar article released last week, a sets of bonds unique to Hillsfar, and several backgrounds for use with characters from the area of the City of Trade.

Some of the bonds include, Underdark Refugee, Mage Friend, Lliran, Thayan, Red Plume Reject, and more.

Backgrounds include Cormanthor Refugee, Gate Urchin, Hillsfar Merchant, Hillsfar Smuggler, Secret Identity, Shade Fanatic, and Trade Sheriff.

Hillsfar Regional Character Options & History

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