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CCC Blast for July 2018!

It’s the first Thursday of the month, so let’s get chatty about the slick new CCCs that are out there! Remember, if you’ve written a CCC and want to be featured here you’ll need to do the following:

  • work with Bill & Greg to get your adventure requested, concepted, written, and posted appropriately on
  • send a complimentary copy (not just email the adventure – use this feature from the dmsguild account page!) to [email protected]
  • note that without a comp copy, we won’t be able to post anything here… we want to see the awesome things that you produce and how its presented to the gamers around the world!

Going forward I’m going to be aiming to release updates to the Content Catalog along with these CCC blasts, but I don’t have such an update today. As we’ve been talking about over in the Behind the Screen series, there are changes coming to the Content Catalog that are pretty sweeping plus not only is it a holiday, but I’m also sitting in the airport on my way to Montreal Comic Con to join up with Claire Hoffman and Will Doyle for a weekend of D&D craziness.

CCC-ANIME-0101 Legend of the Sword Bandit Surprise (2 hours, levels 1-4)

CCC-ANIME-0102 Let’s Find the Sword GO (2 hours, levels 5-10)

CCC-ANIME-0103 Star Sword Return (2 hours, levels 5-10)

Imagine my surprise when I learned that the first adventure wasn’t about a gnomish pot luck dinner and the various plates that show up. Instead we have a series of adventures that are full of memorable characters that all meld together to essentially deliver an experience that is very similar to some of the many anime series out there. Lost lore, quirky people, and an easy to absorb format across these three adventures can lead to some pretty excellent games for your players!

CCC-CIC-06 Steamy Shores of Danger (2 or 4 hours, levels 1-4)

The pen of Andrew Bishkinskyi strikes again, this time deploying content for Cold Iron Conventions!  It’s clear that the genasi are an interesting race for players, but as NPCs they’re not really all that deeply explored. This adventure seeks to provide some insight into the operations of one of their villages and features some pretty exciting encounters…

and so. many. sharks.

CCC-SALT-0101 Rumors of Riches (2 hours, levels 1-4)

CCC-SALT-0102 Moor Trouble (2 hours, levels 1-4)

CCC-SALT-0103 Halls of Goldahroud (4 hours, levels 1-4)

Northeast of Phlan is a region known as Thar. Held by orcs it is largely left alone by the other residents of the Moonsea – but word of abandoned treasure has reached the characters. And the best part about treasure? Claiming it as your own! Over the years there have been a lot of references to Thar but not a lot of content that directly explores it, and this trilogy can serve as a decent bit of insight or “slice of life” (har har) into how that area handles itself. Orcs, scorpions, centaurs, spies and thugs – the moors of Thar are an adventurer’s dream.


CCC-SALT-0201 Mulmaster’s Meddlings (4 hours, levels 1-4)

Have you ever had the urge to help rebuild an area and broker a deal with political powers in Mulmaster for more supplies and better prices? This adventure features those things (it’s more exciting than that, I promise) and delves into some very interesting events with creatures that aren’t often featured in organized play.

CCC-SALT-0202 Tower in the Valley (4 hours, levels 5-10)

A wizard has decided to take a stroll to the Sword Coast for awhile, and as intrepid adventurers you almost HAVE to check out their tower while they’re out. That’s how this works, right? Unfortunately for the characters, that may not be true: there are dangers inside and one of the sections is titled “Thinking With Portals”, so be ready to think and fight!

CCC-SCAR-0102 Glister by Light (4 hours, levels 1-4)

Glister is a small mining village on the outskirts of Thar, and despite the ongoing success of the mine they can’t grow until they can resolve why the orcs are growing more and more agitated. Explore the orcish faiths while defending the mine! This is part 2 of the Kiss of Kossuth storyline; part 1 is here:  CCC-SCAR01-02 Glister by Light.

CCC-SFBAY-0403 The Ashen Scar (2 hours, levels 1-4)

Iam Pace and William Murakami-Brundage retain their place on this list with another release! This time they’ve focused on fey themes and some pretty inventive uses for creatures (spoilers aside, I think some of them might lost their heads if they weren’t attached). All in all a fun, quick romp through the woods – but one that will stick with you for awhile, I think.


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