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Changing of the Guards

Wizards announced today that there will be a change in the admin lineup for the D&D Adventurers League. Effective January 1st, 2018, I, Robert Adducci will no longer be the Community Manager. Alan Patrick will step into the Community Manager role and  Lysa Chen will be brought into the Associate Community Manager position. I have no doubt the community will be in good hands with Alan and Lysa. Please don’t inundate Lysa with AL questions quite yet as she’s not officially starting until January 1st. You’ll hear more about Lysa and her and Alan’s plans for the community come January 1st. :-)

The reason it’s come to this is that I have been working on several game design projects that are taking more of my time (more on that later). I may not be continuing with AL as an admin, but you can’t get rid of me that easily! Wizards has asked me, and I will continue, to write adventures for the D&D Adventurers League as well as create content as part of the Guild Adept program for the Dungeon Master’s Guild. In addition, for 2018 I will write and run more Author Only adventures and attend cons to run them in person. You can expect to see several more adventures concluding my Halruaa and Velvet storylines.

I’m currently scheduled to attend the following conventions in 2018:

FarWestCon, Jan 13-14, 2018 Mountain View (San Francisco), CA  (Confirmed)
Winter Fantasy, Feb 7-11 2018, Fort Wayne, Indiana (Confirmed)
OwlCon Feb 23-25 2018 Rice University, Houston, Texas (Confirmed)
D8 Summit, April 27-29 2018 Utica Illinois (Confirmed)
Chupacabracon, May 4-6 2018 Round Rock (Austin) Texas (Confirmed)
Phoenix ComicCon, May 24-27, 2018 Phoenix AZ (Confirmed)

So, what will I do with all my copious free time? Well besides write for the Guild Adepts and get my AO’s on the DMsGuild, I have a couple of other irons in the fire. The only one I can talk about at the moment is a project I will be Lead Story and Game Designer on and that is Scavenger. Scavenger is a fantasy world from the mind and artistic skills of Alexandru Negoita (a video game art industry veteran with Electronic Arts, Gameloft, & King), Scavenger will be a beautifully illustrated artbook and campaign setting for 5th edition set in a ravaged world with a gateway to other dimensions.  The setting and game design for Scavenger is already started and if you want to take a peek at some of it you can read a brief introduction to Scavenger on my Patreon. In addition, I’ll be running an open world Scavenger game exclusively for my Patrons.

Speaking of Patreon, I’ll continue to run my D&D Adventurers League games (Author Only adventures, Lost Tales of Myth Drannor, Tales from the Yawning Portal), and non-AL games (Tomb of Annihilation and custom 5e Dark Sun games) as well as the aforementioned Scavenger games on my Patreon using Fantasy Grounds for the foreseeable future. I’ll also continue to work with Fantasy Grounds and other RPG companies in need of social media and community management (you know where to find me).

In the last few weeks of the year I will wrap up a couple projects (sending out some Lost Tales) and a few other dangling threads to leave a clean slate for the rest of the admin team. I have the fullest confidence that Alan and Lysa will grow and strengthen the AL community in their own ways. Being part of the D&D Adventurers League has been a dream and seeing the inner workings of my favorite game has been a wondrous journey that’s not yet over. It’s been my pleasure to work with all the admins, I’ve learned so much from each and every one of them. Each one of them brings a wealth of skills and experience to the league and despite what some say, they do not hate D&D, they truly love it. I’m definitely going to miss all the Slack conversations.

I hope to see you at conventions and play in games with you, both in person and online. It’s truly been an honor to help grow the D&D Adventurers League community. This was always more than a job for me and I cherish all of the friendships that I’ve created over the past 3 years with all of you.

Friend me on Facebook, follow me on G+ and Twitter. Don’t be a stranger. This is not goodbye, it’s just, see you later.

EDIT: In the new year I’ll be working with Dire Wolf Digital doing community management for their games, come check us out!


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Author: Robert Adducci

Robert Adducci is an RPG community organizer and helps out games stores and conventions in the Denver area with social media and community management. He is a die-hard Dark Sun fan and the founder of the Burnt World of Athas website ( Robert was born in the deserts of Athas, aka Phoenix, AZ, but now lives in the cool climate of Colorado with his wife, two little adventurers, and two animal companions.

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  1. Thanks for everyrhing and good luck with your awesome preject! Best luck to Alan and Lysa!

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