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Charities and Adventurers League and dice rolls, oh my!

In recent months we have introduced a lot of new ways for players to experience content, and one of the biggest adjustments that we’ve made is to open up play options for the D&D Adventurers League Epics and Competitive Adventures that were played in previous seasons – but there’s a catch.

See, the D&D Adventurers League (and of course, Wizards of the Coast) really, really want to support charities. Our core charity is Extra Life, but other options abound! If you’re looking to run one of these retired Epic adventures you just need to select a valid charity and fill out the usual Convention Support Form – and be sure to tell us what charity you’re looking to support. Charity events are part of our special events program and fall under the same rules as conventions, gamedays, retail events, and so on so you WILL need to have a Code of Conduct available prior to requesting your event.

What do we need from you?

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  • your event details (date, location, all that jazz)
  • your chosen charity’s information, including website and any other contact information that you have
  • a little patience – please give us 10 days to review and fulfill requests, just like any other special request. Please remember that your submission is only a request and in no way a guarantee

What do we want from you?

  • well, all the above for sure, plus:
  • hype your event! talk up the charity impact and why you chose that charity
  • an awesome event! keep people excited with some of the additional things that charity epics can offer
  • a little recap of the event. How much did you raise? Was it, well, epic? Post on Twitter and Facebook, and be sure to let us know at [email protected]!

What is different about running a charity Epic versus an in-season Epic?

  • charity games do not have printable certificates
  • you can allow players to purchase rerolls for their d20s. The suggested donation for this is $1, but so long as 100% of the proceeds go to the chosen charity it can be any reasonable amount that your players can support. This does not grant advantage and does not negate disadvantage (it’s just a reroll and we’re not creating new rules!), but a player can reroll that d20 as long as they keep donating. Any player or spectator can purchase a reroll for any other player, so long as the d20 roll does not result in a negative experience (for the player; see the DM notes below), such forcing a character to fail a saving throw, get that character killed/ rendered unconscious, and so on. Players can do this as many times as they desire on a player’s d20 roll.
  • NOTE: DMs cannot purchase re-rolls for their d20s. A DM is subject to the charitable wrath of the players (though they may pay for a player’s reroll if they wish, so long as they observe the guidance above). They must rely on their cunning and use sound tactics if they are to challenge the characters during these events!

You needn’t have prior approval to run a charity event, but if you want special content – such as an old Epic or Competitive Adventure – or if you want to sell any sort of in-game benefit (certs, rerolls, etc.) for donations, then you must petition for and receive approval by the AL Campaign Staff. This guidance is effective immediately. Events that run charity games that do not comply with the details listed here may, at the campaign staff’s discretion, be denied future content, promotional considerations, and the like.

We’ve approved events for Extra Life, other children’s charities, local food banks, community organizations in good standing, no-kill pet shelters, and more.

Tell us what you’re passionate about and we’ll check it out!

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