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Community Spotlight: Atlanta Blerds!

A few weeks back I had the great fortune to travel to Secret Mission Con in Atlanta, Georgia (well, Marietta). While I was there I met a lot of great gamers and saw plenty of faces new and familiar alike, but one group really stood out in my mind. Their tables were always loud and involved, everyone was 100% in-tune with the game for the entire duration, and the cheers & jeers of critical hits and misses could be heard clearly throughout the building. I watched snippets of their games a couple times and it became clear to me very quickly:

More people need to meet these gamers. These are the gamers we want to see everywhere!

So, after one of those games I was able to grab a few minutes with Tay Mathis of the Atlanta Black Nerd Society. In no time flat, I was told that they call themselves “blerds” and that they’re proud of the moniker; he was incredibly passionate about gaming and D&D, but also wanted to share that he and his gamers are looking to build more social awareness of the factors that build the local gamer community. In this case, and as the name of the group states, they seek to play community-accessible games to promote a more inclusive vibe for people of color.

I was very impressed with Tay and the entire group. We recently had some time to chat, so feel free to click the link and check it out. We weren’t able to record video on his side, so if you don’t mind my incredibly low-resolution capture you can always watch me. I suggest at least putting the audio on and listening to this; he brings up a lot of excellent points and this is time well spent!


If you have ideas for an upcoming community spotlight, please email [email protected] with your thoughts!

Administrator’s note, 2018-03-07:

  • added “blerd” to the title and into the article per Tay’s request
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  1. Thank you so much for the continuing commitment to the whole D&D community!

    I just wanted to let these organizers know that I’m part of a D&D game (MadBrewed) that is livestreamed on Twitch. Our DM, Frank Marvici, handles all of the technical stuff. I mentioned to him how at the end of this interview, Tay expressed a desire to find some help in starting his own Twitch stream. He said that he’s willing to offer whatever support he can. So if anyone has a way of getting us in contact with each other, we’d be willing to help.

    Happy Gaming!

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