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Campaign Staff

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Travis Woodall

Content Manager

Spawned in the fires of California in the time of disco and bell-bottoms, Travis Woodall now calls the soggy Pacific Northwest his home. Having played more systems than he can count from about twelve years of age, D&D has always been the game he has inevitably been drawn back to. Though he is usually found slumped lifelessly in front of his computer amongst a sea of empty beer bottles, Travis is also known to enjoy reading, writing, and on rare occasion, spending time with his wife of 15 years and his son.

Alan Patrick

Community Manager

Hailing from the wilds of central Michigan, Alan has provided a warm home to a wife and two cats over the years. Of course, they all have to fight with the ever-expanding collection of beholder-related paraphernalia - and the recent arrival of his son.

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Bill Benham

Resource Manager

I've played D&D in some form or another since 1982. Before working with D&D Expeditions I had the distinct honor of serving as a Living Greyhawk Triad member and a member of the admin staff for Living Forgotten Realms. I recently retired from 20 years of service in the U.S. Army to attend graduate school at the University of Washington. I also have a distinct fondness for pugs.

Claire Hoffman

Associate Content Manager

Claire Hoffman, along with numerous dragons, a few cats and an indulgent husband, resides in a home atop of a very small hill in Ohio. She had the privilege of shepherding the Living Death Campaign for ten years. After a brief hiatus from campaign management she assisted the LFR campaign first as a Co-Writing Director (Waterdeep) and then as a Global Admin.

Lysa Chen

Community Manager

Repping the Adventurers League on the East Coast! Jersey girl Lysa designs flowers by day and shapeshifts into a freelance writer and Dungeon Masters Guild Adept by the light of the moon. Her D&D portfolio, interviews, actual play appearances, and other creative pursuits can be found on

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Greg Marks

Associate Resource Manager

Greg Marks is an evil mastermind directing his criminal army of precocious felines from the birthplace of gaming: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. He and his cat minions have worked on products for multiple editions of Dungeons and Dragons including Complete Scoundrel, City of Stormreach and Dragon Magic.

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Supreme Being Io

Supreme Being Io

While stuck in the space between the worlds, Io learned to focus his energy into WordPress content posts for

While not every post will be true internet perfection, you can be sure that Io will never post a cat video.Also, Io is not nearly as cool as his distant relative Ao.
Supreme Being Io

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