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Curse of Strahd DM Quests update

With the creation of the Storm King’s Thunder DM Quests we wanted to clarify some questions that kept coming up about the Curse of Strahd DM Quests.

Here is a revised  Curse of Strahd DM Quest Sheet and CoS DM Quest Instructions. The DMsGuild files will be updated shortly.

The following are the major changes:

DM Quest Instructions

Quests that are part of the storyline season must be started during the applicable storyline season. Most storyline quests can be finished anytime as long as they’re started during the season. There are some quests that have a definitive completion time frame and will be obviously noted. Once a quest is completed the Player rewards can always be applied.

Valid start dates. Curse of Strahd – March 4th,2016- August 25th, 2016

What are the rarity of spell scrolls?

The rarity of spell scrolls is determined by the spell level.

  • 1st Level. Common
  • 2nd-3rd Level. Uncommon
  • 4th-5th Level. Rare
  • 6th-8th Level. Very Rare
  • 9th Level. Legendary

DM Quest Sheet

Dedicated DM – DM’s Reward.  Choose a Magic Item from any previous DDEX/DDAL modules or hardcover chapters you’ve run (any season) for one of your characters. Item must be tier appropriate and excludes Legendary or Unique items.

Local Hero – Player’s Rewards.  Item Rewards: From now on, each time you run a tier 1 (1-4) Curse of Strahd DDAL module, add a potion of healing anywhere in the adventure.

Hero of the Land – Player’s Rewards.  Item Rewards: From now on, each time you run a tier 2 (5-10) Curse of Strahd DDAL module, add a potion and scroll up to rare rarity anywhere in the adventure.

Agent of the Tarokka – Player’s Rewards.  Item Rewards: From now on, each time you run a 2 or 4 hour Curse of Strahd DDAL module add an uncommon magic item anywhere you choose from Magic Item Table F in the DMG, p146.

Barovian Adventurers – Player’s Rewards.  Item Rewards: This season, each time you complete a chapter of Curse of Strahd, add a common or uncommon potion (excluding a potion of flying) and scroll anywhere in the next chapter of the adventure.

Barovian Noble – Player’s Rewards.  Each chapter in the next season’s hardcover adventure you run can feature a merchant:
The party encounters a helpful merchant which can offer the party mundane gear up to 25gp. The merchant also stocks healing potions, and weapons (or armor) of up to 200gp, including silvered weapons.

Master of the Mists – description.  Run all 14 Curse of Strahd DDAL Adventures and the full Hardcover before August 25th

Lord of the Demiplane of Dread – description.  Run all 14 Curse of Strahd DDAL Adventures, the full Hardcover, & participate in the D&D Epic: Reclamation in Phlan as a DM or organizer (table captain, group leader, admin, etc) before August 25th.

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