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D&D Expeditions Premiers for July

July brings us three new Expeditions and a reprise of an Epic.

DexCon will host DDEX2-14 The Sword of Selfaril and DDEX 2-15 the Black Heart of Vengeance.  Pre-registration remains open until June 26th. San Diego ComicCon and Gam3rCon will debut DDEX2-16 Boltsmelter’s Book . ComicCon has been sold out on badges for some time. Fortunately, tickets are still available for Gam3rCon!  Finally, those of you who missed out on the Origins debut of DDEP2 Mulmaster Undone have one final chance to join in on the fun at GenCon, as a capstone for the end of the season, just in time for the beginning of Rage of Demons.

July Premieres

Convention Exclusive


Eric Bohm

Author: Eric Bohm

RGP gamer * super computer programmer = nerd^2 An avid D&D player since 1980. I didn't do much public play until 2011, when I got to my first Gencon and began running Encounters at my FLGS (Armored Gopher). When not gaming, I am a research scientist in High Performance Computing.

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