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Detect Thoughts, Volume 1.1

Welcome to Detect Thoughts!

This series is something that I have wished for as a resource, particularly since my favorite DM does not use Facebook, and as such does not have access to the official Facebook groups for the Adventurers League. This makes it hard for him, and others, to stay up-to-date and consistent with their tables. It my intention to maintain a living document, inspired by the one that Lysa Chen put together for DMs transitioning their rewards to Season 8, that collects official clarifications, guidance, and rulings. Hosting it here on the AL website ensures that more community members will be able to access it, and it will be easier to find guidance when you need it.

Each installment will review the additions to the document in a blog post, as well as compile them into a PDF that can be kept with your Adventurers League materials. The information that we round up here will find its way into the appropriate documents when the next revision of our documentation comes around.

You can find the latest printable version of Detect Thoughts here.

Regarding DM Quests:
If you earn rewards from running Eberron content, they can be applied to an Eberron character. Forgotten Realms & Ravenloft rewards can be applied to Forgotten Realms characters.

If a DM Quest rewards a consumable item or a magic item: consumables are immediately gained, while the magic items are unlocked.

Regarding DDAL00-05 Winter’s Splendor:
Please note that all main and bonus objectives award 1 ACP and 1 TCP each.

Regarding Dungeon of the Mad Mage:
Guidance on the cursed sword on Level 1: If someone picks up the sword, they receive the sword, the light, and the curse, at no cost. If they cast remove curse they are able to stop using the sword, but if they would like to keep it, the cost will be 2 TCP, it will act as a common magic item, and is not on a table, so it is not tradable.

Regarding Hardcovers:
For Encounters in Sharn, ACP and TCP rewards are earned based on time invested, as with other hardcover adventures.

Regarding Magic Items:
When a consumable magic item (that is a potion, scroll, or parcel of magical ammunition, only) is found by the characters, the intent is that a consumable item may be immediately kept by one character and is subsequently unlocked for everyone present (including the character that got to keep it).

If an item such as a Necklace of Prayer Beads is unlocked in an adventure, the number and type of beads are determined randomly unless specified by the adventure.

Regarding Admin Rulings:
If I unlock a magic armor in an adventure, do I also unlock the barding equivalent?
Unlocking magic armor also unlocks the barding equivalent, but once an unlocked item is purchased (whether that is armor OR barding), it returns to a locked state, and must be unlocked again to purchase the other type of armor.

If a character dies during an adventure, do they gain Advancement Checkpoints up until their point of death (ie: play for 3 hours to get to final boss, but die in final hour = 3 ACP), or none for the session?
Characters will earn rewards up until the event of their untimely death.

When rebuilding a character, what features can you rebuild? I.E. Can you re-spend your TP on something different when you choose to rebuild?
You can rebuild your character itself, but not its equipment (save for starting equipment granted by the character’s class, if changed).

One of my characters found a spellbook and has already copied everything she can from it. Since a spellbook is listed as mundane equipment in the PHB, can I sell this for half value?
Spellbooks are mundane equipment that can be kept when found. No rule exists that says they can’t be sold, and the PHB prescribes their cost.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], on Twitter at @DnD_AdvLeague, or in the Facebook Adventurers League and Adventurers League DM groups.

Amy Lynn Dzura

Amy Lynn Dzura

Administrator at D&D Adventurers League
Amy is an obsessive baker, serial procrastinator, avid gamer, awkward dancer, and overall big nerd.
She lives outside of Philadelphia with her favorite DM and their adorable catastrophe of a dog.
Amy Lynn Dzura

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Author: Amy Lynn Dzura

Amy is an obsessive baker, serial procrastinator, avid gamer, awkward dancer, and overall big nerd. She lives outside of Philadelphia with her favorite DM and their adorable catastrophe of a dog.

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