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Detect Thoughts, Volume 1.3

Welcome to Detect Thoughts!

Detect Thoughts is a living document that collects official clarifications, guidance, and rulings from the Admins and AL community.

Each installment will review the additions to the document in a blog post, as well as compile them into a PDF that can be kept with your Adventurers League materials. The information that we round up here will find its way into the appropriate documents when the next revision of our documentation comes around.

You can find the latest printable version of Detect Thoughts here.

Regarding Downtime Activities
Guidance is provided in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist for Running A Business. This activity remains available to characters once they adventure outside of Dragon Heist, provided they maintain ownership of the business.

Regarding DM Quests
If a DM Quest awards a consumable, standard +X ammunition (such as arrows, bolts, or sling bullets) is awarded in bundles of 20. Any other magical ammunition (such as an Arrow of Slaying) is awarded in single pieces.

DM Quest awards are limited to ammunition found in the PHB. Other nonstandard ammunition (such as pistol bullets) must be unlocked prior to awarding.

Regarding Story Awards
If a character holds a location-based story award that enables them to spend downtime in that location, they do not need to be adventuring near that location to use it, as the downtime day expenditure is representative of traveling to that city.

Regarding Magic Items
Currently, common items are not tradable, as they are not assigned to a Magic Item Table.

Regarding Admin Rulings
Can a character trade in a magic item they have outgrown? For example, I have a +1 Shield, but I want to purchase a +2 shield with Tier 2 Treasure Checkpoints. Can I exchange my old shield with some other unlocked item on the same table?
As a general rule, magic items can’t be sold for treasure checkpoints. Items that you’ve “outgrown” can, however, be traded using the rules for the Magic Item Trading downtime activity found in the ALPG.

For the rank 2 renown benefit, can the piece of equipment be a gem or other spellcasting component that is consumed when casting?
Items received as renown benefis are specifically mentioned in the tables and lists in Chapter 5: Equipment.

Can you purchase spiked armor without SCAG as your +1 resource?
You can purchase mundane equipment from any resource that’s available as a +1 regardless of whether you actually chose it as your +1.

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