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Detect Thoughts, Volume 1.4

Welcome to Detect Thoughts!

Detect Thoughts is a living document that collects official clarifications, guidance, and rulings from the Admins and AL community.

Each installment will review the additions to the document in a blog post, as well as compile them into a PDF that can be kept with your Adventurers League materials. The information that we round up here will find its way into the appropriate documents when the next revision of our documentation comes around.

You can find the latest printable version of Detect Thoughts here.

Regarding DDAL00-05 Winter’s Splendor
The Content Catalog guidance that states “if [the familiar] is destroyed, dismissed, or leaves, it will not return without other campaign guidance or rulings” refers to permanent dismissal, not a temporary dismissal of the familiar for safety’s sake.

Regarding DM Quests
For DM Quest “Hell of a Deal”, the free casting of augury or remove curse at the beginning or end of a session is applicable for multiple sessions.

Regarding Admin Rulings
Can a spell scroll be purchased at a higher-than-base (upcast) level?
No, spell scrolls can only be purchased at the spell’s initial level.

Are items able to be unlocked twice? My understanding was that unlocks cannot stack.
Players can have multiple unlocks for the same item. This will be fairly common for things like consumable items, since when a consumable is found in an adventure, one character gets to keep it, and the entire table unlocks it. Separate adventures may also unlock the same magic item.

In the case of White Plume Mountain and the Level Up DM Quest: do DMs receive the extra TCP awarded to players for turning in the named weapons?
DMs do not receive the additional TCP awarded to a character for turning in WPM weapons as a result of Level Up.

The AL Content Catalog currently offers guidance for magic items in the Season 7 section, but nothing about checkpoints. Do ACP, TCP, and unlocks transfer from surrogates to either original or new characters?
Rewards earned by a surrogate are transferred to the original character in the event of their resurrection, or to a new character in the event that the original character’s soul is devoured. These rewards include ACP, TCP, magic items and unlocks, and gold. Any references to a magic item count are to be ignored.

Is reading a Tome or Manual (which takes 6 days) an AL-legal Downtime activity?
Reading Tomes and Manuals is not an approved Downtime activity.

Can magic items that grant permanent stat boosts be immediately used in-game without expending TCP?
If you find a magic item that tries to permanently adjust your stats during a game, be aware that the benefit expires at the end of the session and the item does not recharge. If you wish to make the effect permanent, you must purchase that item with TCP (consulting the ALPG for such costs).

Do spell effects carry over between AL sessions?
The AL guidelines do not currently hold an official position, so this will be a decision between players and their DMs.

In modules that specify choosing an item based on rarity, from a table or of a weapon type, do all the players get the same unlock or does each player choose?
If the text calls for “each character”, then each character can select a single unlock (each character’s unlock is theirs alone).

If the text calls for 1 item on Table X and 1 item on Table Y, all characters present gain those unlocks.

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