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DM Quests

Dungeon Master Quests are a series of out-of-game quests that DMs can undertake during the course of a specific season’s adventures. By completing quests such as DMing for a NEW player or logging a certain number of hours behind the screen, Dungeon Masters earn rewards for their own characters and their players. If you are an organizer, DM Quests are a great tool to recruit and thank your DMs.

To join DM Quests, simply download the FREE DM Pack on the Dungeon Masters Guild, which contains three helpful documents:

  • DM Quest Instructions and FAQ tells you all you need to know about how to participate in DM Quests
  • DM Quest Sheet details the current season’s quests and rewards
  • DM Quest Card helps you track your rewards and looks great printed in color and on cardstock


Lysa Chen

Lysa Chen

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