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DM Quests

Dungeon Master Quests are a series of out-of-game quests that DMs can undertake during the course of a specific season’s adventures. These quests provide rewards for not only their characters, but characters belonging to other players as well!

Some quests are season specific and others will carry on and renew each season (League Quests vs Storyline). When a DM runs their first adventure for the current season, they should download the DM Quests packet from the DMsGuild, which consists of a DM Quests card, DM Details and Rewards and other special rewards for the season. The DM Quests card is a fun checklist that DMs can use to track their ongoing quest progress or record those they may have already completed. The DM Quests Details and Rewards is a detailed document of all the quest and includes quest name, quest activity, frequency, the DM and player rewards associated, and other details of the DM Quest rewards program.

To join the DM Quests program a DM need simply download the DM Quests packet from the DMsGuild and print out the card (preferably in color and on cardstock)

Whenever a DM finishes a quest they check it off on their DM Quest card and apply the rewards as a separate entry on their logsheet as detailed in the DM Quest Details and Rewards. Some rewards include special player rewards for games that the DM hosts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Join the DMs League?

You can join the DMs League on Facebook or Google+:  539866279867550

Follow the League on Twitter

How do I contact the Community Manager?

Please email us at:  [email protected]


Quest Completion

Effective Dates

The DM Quests are effective for game sessions that started March 4th, 2016 or later. Each season will have League quests that continue each season some are ongoing and some refresh each season.

Quests that are part of the storyline season must be started during the applicable storyline season. Most storyline quests can be finished anytime as long as they’re started during the season. There are some quests that have a definitive completion time frame and will be obviously noted. Once a quest is completed the Player rewards can always be applied.

Curse of Strahd – March 4th,2016- August 25th, 2016

Storm King’s Thunder – Starts August 26th, 2016

DMs Only:

You must have DM’d at least 1 session (2+ hours) of D&D Adventurers League to complete any of these #DMQuests, except Acolyte of Oghma

Is Verification Required?

No one needs to sign off, like all logsheet entries, this is on the honor system.

What Constitutes an “Other” Location?

Anything not listed, play on a cruise ship-check, play at summer camp-check, play at an after school program-check.

Locations that are dual-use, a convention on a cruise-ship, only count for one, not both.

Do Rewards Stack?

Yes, if you participate in an event that could start, continue, or complete more than one quest, they all apply

Multipliers. If multiple quests are completed with DM Reward multipliers, add them together. So two doubles equals a triple and a triple and double equals times four.


Item Rewards

Which Adventures Count?

Only D&D hardcover adventures published by Wizards of the Coast or DDEX or DDAL modules published by the D&D Adventurers League count toward the DM Quests.

Only adventures run on or after March 4th count for DM Quests, but some quests may be affected by adventures from earlier seasons.

For example, there are no DM Quests for the Tyranny of Dragons seasons (season 1), but completing a quest on the Storm King’s Thunder tracking sheet may allow a DM to choose a permanent magic item from an adventure that they DM’d from the Tyranny of Dragons season.

What Does Tier-Appropriate Mean?

The following rules apply when determining if something is appropriate to a given tier.

  • Tier 1 (Levels 1-4). Common, Uncommon
  • Tier 2 (Levels 5-10). Common, Uncommon, Rare
  • Tier 3-4 (Levels 11-20). Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare

Wait, No Legendary Items?

Legendary items are not available as a reward for the DM Quests program; they are available through play, only.

What are the rarity of spell scrolls?

The rarity of spell scrolls is determined by the spell level.

  • 1st level. Common
  • 2nd-3rd level. Uncommon
  • 4th-5th level. Rare
  • 6th-8th level. Very Rare
  • 9th  level. Legendary


What is the Quest of the Week?

Each week the D&D Adventurers League announces one D&D module to be the Quest of the Week. The week of and week before the quest, in the DMs League groups, we’ll talk about the adventures with each other, comment and give advice about running the adventure. Similarly those who’ve played

Quests of the Week can talk about their adventures on any of our social media pages, sharing the triumphs and tribulations of their heroes.


What is an Epic Quest?

Epic Quests are a concept we’ve been working on for a future season’s storyline. Having completed some will give your character a cool opportunity in the future.

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