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Elemental Evil bonds and backgrounds for Mulmaster

Mulmaster the City of Danger offers characters plenty of opportunity for gold and glory on the shores of the Moonsea. For those who grew up in the city or have arrived recently from Phlan, special bonds and backgrounds are available for character creation.

Originally established as a trading-post, Mulmaster and its oppressed people are now ruled by a council of sixteen people known as Blades who represent and further the interests of the city’s noble lords under the guidance of High Blade Jaseen Drakehorn. The High Blade relies heavily upon organizations such as Cloaks, Hawks, and the Soldiery to maintain her control over the city; punishing Mulmasterites bold (or foolish) enough to defy her edicts with exile, torture and death. At the lowest level, the City Watch is charged with maintaining order within the city, but is regarded as little more than a band of government-sanctioned bullies. Above them all, the church of Bane holds sway in Mulmaster, and the High Blade and those loyal to her demonstrate their loyalty to the newly-returned god of Tyranny–all at the expense of its people.

But try as she might, the High Blade’s grip on the city is threatened. The mysterious Red Wizards of Thay maintain an embassy within the city, refugees from the recently-sacked town of Phlan to the north stress the city’s food stores, not to mention other, less obvious threats.

LEGALBonds and Backgrounds

Download the Mulmaster Bonds and Backgrounds pdf that features bonds and backgrounds you can choose for a character that hails from Mulmaster or recently from Phlan. These backgrounds are legal for use in D&D Adventurers League games for characters with the Elemental Evil story origin. Created by campaign RCs, Robert Alaniz, Arthur Severance, and Derek Gray, with help from Frank Foulis and Jon Lamkin.


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  1. Awesome – appreciate the expanded backgrounds… Are there any good maps of Mulmaster? Ran 2-2 the other day and wasn’t able to find any maps of the city prior to running the adventure — love to have resources like those to add to the telling of the stories… Thanks.


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