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Expanded Dark Gifts for the Curse of Strahd

Expanded Dark GiftsThose that travel through the Mists find themselves affected in unique ways. For some who embrace the Dark Powers gifts they are changed by the experience.

“As I held my freely flowing life in my hands I knew I shouldn’t have gone ahead of my friends. It was then I thought of Mulmaster, and worried that I would never get to see it rebuilt. In that moment of weakness, I was offered a second chance at life, I quickly took the offer, not realizing the full nature of the Gift I was given. Now I hide my face, and my mistake from all but those closest to me.
– Journal entry of Jaydris Keiteir, Cloak of Mulmaster

The players have spoken, and we’ve answered: more options for the dark gifts of Ravenloft.  Go ahead, find out what they are… we dare you!

This is optional content and is NOT required for a successful or enjoyable play experience. These elements are designed to introduce new content to your games, and to provide some surprises for players that believe that they’ve seen everything the Mists can throw at them. This content is intended for Dungeon Masters, though players may wish to download it for future reference.

Many thanks to the following awesome contributors and designers:

Robert Alaniz, Derek Gray, Kalani Jasmine Vernon, Metal Steve, Jonathan Connor Self, Benjamin Wolf, Matthew C Warwick, Chris McGovern, Donald Summers, Daniel Witzeling, David Morris, and Joseph Irizarry

Download the Expanded Dark Gifts from the DMsGuild.

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