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Other Resources:

  • Ask at your friendly local game stores about Dungeons & Dragons and Adventurers League events they host!
  • Facebook: Ask about local games in the Adventurers League Facebook group or search for local/regional AL fan Facebook groups. For online games, try the Moonsea Pub fan group.
  • Meetup: Search for local Dungeons & Dragons, tabletop, games, or roleplaying groups.
  • Fantasy Grounds Forum or Discord: This virtual tabletop site has several resources for finding online Adventurers League games.
  • Roll20: Another virtual tabletop site, Roll20’s Looking For Group forum can connect you with others looking to play online.
  • This is a popular place to find Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, and other virtual tabletop games.

Lysa Chen

Community Manager at D&D Adventurers League
With roots in event organizing for her local AL scene, Lysa’s passion lies in growing and creating a more inclusive D&D community. She serves as a Community Manager for the Adventurers League and the Dungeon Masters Guild and produces and hosts Behold Her, a monthly podcast about women in the world of tabletop games. Her D&D portfolio, interviews, actual play appearances, and other creative pursuits can be found on
Lysa Chen

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