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Gen Con’s “DM of the Year” goes to David Stark!

Man, I wish I had more time at Gen Con – and not just for the very limited-edition swag that the Adventurers League admins managed to hide in their luggage (seriously; just ask Robert about his airline story sometime).  One of the main reasons that I wanted more time at Gen Con this year was to get to know David “Oak” Stark a bit better.


WP_20140816_015This is David.

Why should you know who David is?  Because David is the winner of the very first “DM of the Year” award, thanks to Wizards of the Coast and Baldman Games.

As an all-around good guy (I checked, his tables loved him and I even made him run in circles during the Saturday night Corruption in Kryptgarden special adventure), David proved himself to be an awesome DM amidst a sea of incredibly talented folks – including a fair number of DMs that I look up to myself!

The blue box that he’s holding isn’t a TARDIS, but rather a crystal d20 with some special messages inscribed on it.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise of it, but suffice it to say that it’s equal parts sappy and respectful.

When I reached out to David for some comments, he was kind enough to respond with these words:

“I am David “Oak” Stark. I Live in Oklahoma City where I am actively involved at my FLGS with Encounters. 
I also wanted to say thanks to all of you for giving me an incredible weekend. If not for the hard work all of you put forward, it would have been impossible to win that award.”
Congratulations, David!  Keep up the hard work and please accept the gratitude of Adventurers League admin staff!


(Robert Adducci, David “Oak” Stark, and me)


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  1. Too bad we don’t have any actual play recordings of David’s games. Or do we? In any case, congrats to David — what a great story! :-)

  2. Thanks Alan and Stan! It was a true pleasure being at GenCon. Now I am back to work on my website: It was great to meet SO MANY talented people at GenCon. Writers, Organizers, Coordinators, DMs, Players, and we can’t forget Dev Team!


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