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In Which We Talk About… Season Schedules

We’re well into season 8 with Waterdeep Dragon Heist and Dungeon of the Mad Mage, with many adventures released on top of the staggering amount of content contained in the hardcovers. And then there’s the stuff from the Guild Adepts, Eberron, and we even have a holiday-themed adventure coming out soon (as we recently chatted about on Adventurers Wanted).

And you know what? Let’s be frank here:

Despite the fact that the season is set to end on May 1, there’s just too much D&D. There. I said it: Too much D&D. Man, that’s weird to say.


We’re gonna kick the “end date” of season 8 back to August 31, 2019. This is a significant adjustment, and one that many players and DMs have asked for. With this, you can schedule your WDH and DMM games a little more casually and it greatly increases the chance of everyone being able to complete the DM Quests for this season. And y’know, it also means that we have a better opportunity to add some shiny fun stuff over the next few months, too.

Current play estimations for season 8 are as follows:

  • WDH. ~32 hours
  • DMM. [if running every floor] ~120-160 hours
  • DDAL08-00 through -18. ~80 hours
  • DDEP08-01through -03. ~3 hours each
  • Guild Adept content for WDH & DMM. still developing & releasing
  • … and so on

So if the average DM runs 4-6 hours a week for their group and never attends conventions or public events, this is approximately one (1) forever of game time.

That’s… a lot. Like, a lot-a lot. The DM Quests were designed with the original release schedule in mind and some of the rewards included as an incentive to use the materials sooner rather than later; suffice it to say, not only are DM Quests much more likely to be achieved now, but we’ll also be looking at reward scaling in the future. If you’ve got suggestions for potential Quests and Quest rewards in future seasons, feel free to send us a message through the Contact Us form on the site.

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