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Midwinter Interactive Event #1 Wrapup

Hey folks!

It’s us, your friendly neighborhood Adventurers League admin team. We recently took some time and deployed a survey that covered a deceptively deep pool. So, let’s break down what we got!

Q1: [abbreviated] What’s your email address?

A: well, whatever people put in.

Purpose: anyone that added an email address here will be added to our AL mailing list (we wanna tell you about cool stuff!)

Q2: In the Season 2 epic adventure DDEP2 Mulmaster Undone, what was the final fate of the city of Mulmaster (specifically for the D&D Adventurers League’s ongoing narrative)? You may wish to check out the Mulmaster City Guide for insight and clues.

A: 1 – The adventurers saved us all and everything was perfect!

2 – The adventurers made with the thrilling heroics, but the city suffered substantial damage.

3 – It was a complete loss and Mulmaster was wiped from the map. Nothing but a smoldering, lifeless ruin remains.

Purpose: We’d like to see if people are aware of – or making themselves aware of – campaign events that occurred several years past. This helps us gauge the “spoiler” crowd and the “established campaign setting” crowd. As it stands, the events of that Epic adventure made an unmistakable impact upon the Moonsea region – the second option was the correct one.

4.04% of people chose #1

84.42% of people chose #2

11.54% of people chose #3 (oof, harsh for the remaining Mulmasterites)

We’ve had a lot of fun designing content for Mulmaster and several AOs are set there. Additionally, the item that we linked in the question (the City Guide) is considered canon for the Convention-Created Content (CCC) program.

One bit of feedback that a few people gave was that they wanted to have an “I didn’t play this!” option. It was in the original version of the question, but ultimately was removed as the results of the adventure are now, as noted above, canon for ongoing organized play experiences.

Q3: The most up-to-date Player’s and DM’s Guide for the D&D Adventurers League can be found where?

A: 1 – tattooed on Travis Woodall’s lower back

2 – on and linked through

3 – I get my Player’s and DM’s Guides from Jim, the shady guy that lives under the bridge downtown

Purpose: Contrary to popular belief, this wasn’t our way of urging Travis to get another tattoo. Instead, we wanted to raise awareness of the available links to the Player’s and DM’s Guides for our organized play system. 96.77% of people chose the right response here, and Travis can breathe a sigh of relief now – but I suppose that I should have a chat with Jim. The dude may live under a bridge but apparently he’s got the hookup on campaign documentation according to 1.61% of you.

Q4: What is the correct storyline name for the 7th season of D&D Adventurers League play?

A: 1 – Tome of Annihilation

2 – Tomb of Annihilation

3 – Title of Rehabilation



6 – The Amazing Journeys of the Admin Team Through This Crystal Sphere

Purpose: 93.54% of respondents nailed this. An additional 2.58% of people were too terrified to choose anything but #5, and 5 people are apparently pining for the return of Spelljammer and the multitude of crystal spheres in the phlogiston.

Q5: Susan shows up for her first D&D Adventurers League game and wants to play a bugbear rogue. Which of the following should you do as the DM? (choose as many as you feel appropriate)

A: 1 – Excellent, sit down and roll dice!

2 – Focus on the story and not on the fact that it’s her first game (pausing as needed to explain rules elements).

3 – Help Susan to fill out a logsheet at the end of the game.

Purpose: This one is interesting. We added some extra data into the question to see if people would glean out what’s truly important: play the game and have fun. Approximately 84% of people selected all three options, so we’re definitely on the right path! Nearly 86% of people went with option #2 (combined with at least 1 other option), which is really awesome. Getting people into the game with the story-first, rules as needed approach is something we’re striving for.

Q6: If you are a DM and your characters in this tier 2 game are very powerful, causing you to not enjoy the game and them to have little-to-no challenge, which of the following options should you consider?

A: 1 – Flip the table and walk away.

2 – Let the players know that their actions are making the game not enjoyable for you, and take a moment to better understand what kind of game they want.

3 – Add one or two thematically appropriate monsters to each encounter to give them a little more of a challenge.

4 – Mind flayer death knights riding gargantuan vampire beholders, all clad in +3 plate mail.

Purpose: A regular topic of conversation in our social media groups, on panels at conventions that we attend, and at our game tables is how to handle challenging situations as a DM. This question supported multiple answers, and while 95.72% of you (woot!) answered with adding thematically appropriate creatures, only 31.96% of people said they would use #2 and talk to their players about them wanting to have some fun, too. This is food for thought and Lysa and I will certainly have discussions around this very topic in the coming months.

For what it’s worth, 77 people are apparently ok with mind flayer death knights riding gargantuan vampire beholders… so that may be a thing someday. I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. ;)

Q7: The term “PHB +1” means…

A: 1 – Peanuts, honey, and beets plus 1 additional ingredient of your choice.

2 – Player’s Handbook plus 1 additional book from the approved resources list.

3 – Player’s Handbook plus 1 resource of your choosing.

4 – 5th edition Player’s Handbook plus 1st edition rules.

Purpose: This question was included because of some observed confusion in our social media groups. We’ve seen a number of posts where people were saying that your “+1” was “a resource of your choosing”, and this led a small number of new players astray. There’s a lot of cool stuff on dmsguild, but it’s not all legal for play at this time. Thankfully you all put our concerns (mostly) to rest by having a 95.08% response of #2. Consider it yet another reason for Travis to not have to get that tattoo.

Q8: True or false: you have read (or have easy access to) the FAQ and Player’s Guide for this season.

A: True / False

Purpose: Only 94.03% responded in the affirmative here. We’ll have to put some thought on other ways to keep these documents easily available, but for now we are planning on staying with dmsguild as our intended point of distribution. Some folks have raised concerns on this in the past as it requires a login account, but to be frank: 94.03% is still a pretty solid hit ratio!

Q9: Are you playing or DMing the Tomb of Annihilation adventures (PDF or hardcover)?

A: Yes / No

Purpose: Chult and the Tomb of Annihilation is a pretty scary place, but a hair under 80% of respondents are playing or DM’ing through it. With the huge amount of playable content out there, this is pretty awesome – which reminds me that I’ll have a Chult-themed special announcement coming at the end of this week, likely on the morning of Saturday the 16th.

Q10: [abbreviated] Send us a photo of your gaming group? Tell us a story?

A: well, it was via email

Purpose: We wanted to see your awesome faces, enjoying the game we all love!

Let’s be honest: YOU ALL CRUSHED THIS. There were so many submitted photos and stories that a couple of the admins actually had to silence their notifications for a few days.

Due to the sheer number of submitted images and stories I need to take a moment to point out a couple things:

  • I can’t email each and every one of you like I planned
  • instead of just sending a “thank you” gift to those that sent in their email addresses, I’m gonna be posting a link down below for your next holiday gift
  • those images are gonna make a sweet Midwinter photo collage on our site in the coming days!

More interactivity options are gonna be coming, but tonight’s time is drawing to a close. Keep an eye on this site, Facebook, and Twitter for more Midwinter-themed chats in the coming days!




Alan Patrick

Alan Patrick

Community Manager at D&D Adventurers League
Hailing from the wilds of central Michigan, Alan has provided a warm home to a wife and two cats over the years.Of course, they all have to fight with the ever-expanding collection of beholder-related paraphernalia - and the recent arrival of his son.
Alan Patrick

Author: Alan Patrick

Hailing from the wilds of central Michigan, Alan has provided a warm home to a wife and two cats over the years. Of course, they all have to fight with the ever-expanding collection of beholder-related paraphernalia - and the recent arrival of his son.

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