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#MirtsCharityAuction for Extra Life!

Get ready for #MirtsCharityAuction! If you are attending Gamehole Con 2019, the D&D Adventurers League is sponsoring a two-hour charity auction on October 31st, from 4pm-6 pm. Everyone is welcome, especially in costume!! All proceeds benefit Extra Life. This event will be streamed, and some items will be available for online bidding as well. We want to let the community get involved as well, even if you can’t attend. If you are interested, watch the @DnD_AdvLeague twitter account, where we will post items that can be delivered digitally (such as certificates) for bidding.

Once the bidding on an item begins, we will announce the start of the auction on our Twitter account and in the room at Gamehole simultaneously. One of the AL zombie assistants will post bids for room to the AL twitter account and announce bids from the account to the room.

In order to bid online, you must reply on Twitter to the starting post for that item with the value of your bid and the hashtag #MirtsCharityAuction. Auction winners are expected to donate the value of the winning bid to the Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons Extra Life page.

If you are onsite, you will be able to pick up your certificate or other items at the close of the auction. If you win an auction but are not present, you will be contacted to provide your name and email, and your personalized certificate will be delivered via email within a week.

A sample of auction items are available for preview on the Greg Marks’s Extra Life page! Highlights include:

  • Baalaphon. Baalaphon is a fiendish goat from Avernus. He like long walks through flames, headbutting goody two shoes into lava, and reading dense contracts by the flames of burning paladins.
  • D&D Adventurer’s League Water Bottle. Limited promotional metal water bottle with the DDAL logo.
  • Fai Chen’s Ring. A plain ring that has helped Fai Chen survive on the road for so long, but he’s willing to auction it off for the kids (and a small cut of the gold)! This item gains in power as your character does.
  • Lost Tales of Myth Drannor. One of the original 1400 printed as a giveaway, signed by all the admins in attendance at Gamehole.
  • Shekmet’s Undying Daughter. One of Claire Hoffman’s limited Warlock pacts from this Extra Life campaign!
  • Swag Grab Bag: A pile of promotional swag-stickers, pins, a mug, alt. paint miniatures, alt. cards for D&D games, posters, gold dragon coin, rare gold dragon fan from the 2018 D&D Open, and misc. goodies.
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