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Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes – and Rrakkma!

The wizard Mordenkainen has long been a fixture in Dungeons & Dragons lore. Hailing from Oerth – known to some as Greyhawk – but traveling the planes many, many times over he has amassed a wealth of knowledge that puts him on par with even the greatest liches and dragons from all the known worlds. Rumors exist that he even traveled to the dread demiplane of Ravenloft and called the domain of Barovia his home for a time. How he escaped is anyone’s guess!

Now he brings his secrets to you!

sigil of the esteemed wizard Mordenkainen

The limited early release of the book will be available on Friday, May 18th through your favorite WPN retailer location, and the general release is Tuesday, May 29th everywhere else.

Wizards of the Coast’s own Chris Lindsay penned a promotional adventure for this tome, and WPN stores already have it in-hand – if you want to play it, you will need to ask yourself… are you strong enough to successfully complete the rrakkma? This adventure features pregen characters that were created using the rules found in the book, and features the immortal conflict between the gith and the mind flayers. It can run as short as 4 hours, but is best experienced when spread across a 6-8 hour play session (or two shorter ones). If your local store has not received this adventure yet, please have the store owner or manager contact Wizards of the Coast customer support as soon as possible.

The adventure is legal for play as soon as the Dungeon Master has received and prepared it, and it will be made available via dmsguild at some point in the future. The AL administrators will be making a statement about the AL legality of the player-facing content from this book on or before Friday, May 18th (please note that outside of the Rrakkma adventure, the book’s contents are not considered valid for AL play at all prior to both this date and the formal announcement).










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