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It’s the first of the month, and it’s high time that we share some insight into the upcoming events and releases for the Adventurers League! We have expanded significantly since our inception a few short years ago, and gamers around the world have been very vocal in their desire for more content, more seasons, and more play options.


We are proud to announce that the AL will be rolling out 5 new organized play seasons and play elements! These seasons are heavily themed and we’re optimistic that they’ll really get into those niche gaming areas that people really seem to want!


Who needs a degree in “library sciences” when you’re a sorcerer that works part-time at the library in Candlekeep?  Your skill in the Art will be immensely helpful in sorting books and scrolls onto creaky shelves, purging dustmites from ancient tomes, and sweeping irritating schoolchildren back out into the main hall once the study rooms have closed down for the night. Do you have what it takes to become the head librarian?


Free-form Play

We’ve decided to go full-bore and pull out all the stops! What do you want to play?  You want to play a half-centaur, half-pixie concert pianist? DO IT! A six-armed anthropomorphic sealkin  that kickpunches with the force of a thousand exploding suns? YES! Or maybe you want to play a lawnchair – a standard, non-ambulatory lawnchair.  Sure, you can do this too (just remember to take disadvantage on… well, everything).

DMs – you’re included in this, too!  Make it up as a you go! Grab random words out of a hat when roleplaying, roll your favorite 32-sided die, and go crazy on it!

Death & Taxes: Barovia

In a Death & Taxes: Barovia game, you are a tax collector in Barovia and are only certain of two things:

  1. You must collect the taxes or Strahd will kill you.
  2. Strahd will kill you anyways.

A D&T:B game is intended as a short one-shot game experience, and ideal for those players and DMs that dislike standard treasure and story guidelines, and generally are expecting to complete the game in 10-15 minutes.



While there have been many requests to add “tattoo” as a valid magic item slot, we’ve decided to incorporate that concept into the current certificate outline. If you can find one of the global admins at a convention today (April 1, 2016), we may be able to give you a permanent, full-back tattoo that *also* grants a number of bonuses to all of your characters!


Hollow Golem

A brand-new campaign setting in which the multiverse is revealed to be entirely contained inside a massive iron golem that sits upon a granite throne inside of Hollow Earth. As the known worlds careen around the interior of the magical automaton and physics takes a backseat to storytelling and humor, the adventurers must decide if they will attempt to escape or stay to fight off the rainbow-swathed minions of The Light. Will you remain inside forever?

What do you think?  Will you be playing these?

(honestly, please: don’t play these. they’re awful. we know they’re awful. but it’s April 1st, and we wanted to share some of the really dumb ideas we sometimes have. this post is entirely comprised of farce, we promise. none of these are real options for Adventurers League play)


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