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New Guides for the Last War

Wizards of the Coast announced today the release of Eberron: Rising of the Last War, a new D&D book detailing everything you need to play a pulp adventure story in a setting where magic is common and the world’s powers vie for control after a devastating continental war.

In conjunction with the hardcover storyline, the Adventurers League will release a new self-contained season of adventures for Eberron characters called Oracle of War. Across twenty episodes, Eberron’s greatest villains conspire against scheming Dragonmarked Houses to seize control of the Oracle of War, a magical artifact with the power to decipher the Draconic Prophecy and steer the future of the world. As rival factions collide, a small group of scavengers from a remote Mournland salvage base find themselves holding the fate of Eberron in their hands.

As we introduce this new storyline to Adventurers League play, we are thrilled to also announce two additions to our Admin team: Will Doyle and Shawn Merwin have signed on to oversee this fall’s expeditions to Eberron. Shawn and Will are familiar faces to the AL community, as they have contributed numerous adventure modules and Epic events to the program, as well as to hardcover D&D adventures published by Wizards of the Coast.

Will joins us as the Content Manager for the Eberron storyline, with Shawn as Resource Manager. They’re both already hard at work on Spoils of War, the first Eberron AL story arc: four 4-hour, Tier 1 adventures, as well as an Epic, will be premiering at Gamehole Con at the end of October.

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