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Open Call for Adventure Designers

Only 8 days left for the Open Call! The design test is only 2 encounters, give it a go, you never know if you’ve got what it takes unless you try!

Have some great ideas for adventures? Want to hear all the great stories your friends will tell about the time they played that amazing adventure you designed for the D&D Adventurers League? Then take the first step towards being a D&D Adventurers League adventure designer! Check out the instructions in the Adventure Design Application and send your submission to Resource Manager, Bill Benham at [email protected]. We will be accepting submissions for this open call until February 28th.

You do not have to have previous design credits, but it helps!

Adventure Design Application (Word)

5E Template (Word)

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Author: Robert Adducci

Robert Adducci is an RPG community organizer and helps out games stores and conventions in the Denver area with social media and community management. He is a die-hard Dark Sun fan and the founder of the Burnt World of Athas website ( Robert was born in the deserts of Athas, aka Phoenix, AZ, but now lives in the cool climate of Colorado with his wife, two little adventurers, and two animal companions.

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