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Play Your Way to 20

There’s been a lot of excitement behind the scenes at the D&D Adventurers League as the Admins prepare to share a lot of tweaks and improvements to the program following our September meeting in Seattle. One of those we can bring to you now.

We are aware that those playing in the D&D Adventurers League represent some of D&D’s most hardcore, invested fans we have and we want reward you with even more play opportunities in addition to providing incentive for new players and Dungeon Masters to join in the fun. One of those opportunities which we think is particularly suited to all of our fans is a promise that you will be able to take your character all the way to 20th level. Many of the great hardcover adventurers released by Wizards of the Coast can be used to get your character to somewhere between  11th and 16th level, but higher level content is scarce to non-existent.

AL Website BackgroundThat is about to change. The adventures produced via the DDAL Admins offer us the chance to give you more for your high-level characters and we plan to do just that. Season 5, Storm King’s Thunder, see’s the deployment of our first tier four adventurers DDAL05-18 and DDAL05-19. This two part series is eight hours of play for characters level 17-20, and it’s just the beginning. In future seasons, we will significantly be increasing the amount of tier three and four content that the DDAL gives you to compliment the products produced by WOTC which are also playable with your D&D Adventurers League characters.

This doesn’t mean we’re giving up on the quality tier one and two adventures we’ve been giving you in the past. They will still be there. We’re going to add this on top of what we’ve been doing. When we say “Play your way to 20,” we mean it, and the fun is just beginning.

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