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Preparing for War: Eberron Campaign Preview

The Oracle of War campaign begins with the characters as scavengers, adventurers who head into the highly dangerous Mournland to locate and extract artifacts from the remains of the ruined nation of Cyre. Based on those initial scavenging missions, the characters soon find themselves embroiled in a world-spanning adventure that will take them from levels 1 to 20.

Your first step in taking part in the Oracle of War campaign is to grab the Oracle of War Player’s Guide and prepare to create your character. If you are interested in being a DM for the campaign, also read the DM’s Guide for information on running your own Oracle of War campaign.

The campaign officially launches in early December 2019, with the release of the first Core Storyline adventure on the DMs Guild, but previews of the campaign begin at GameholeCon 2019 on Halloween weekend!

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  1. Is there going to be a Season Pass for this Adventure Path from DMs Guild? I put a lot of work into running these adventures at my FLGS and it would be nice to have a discount on the whole package ahead of time. It doesn’t help when you release a package discount after the whole season has been released.
    Next question, the Player’s guide refers to rules from the Rising from the Last War book. Can one still use rules from Wayfarer’s Guide to Eberron?

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