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Rage of Demons D&D Expeditions list updated

The Rage of Demons D&D Expeditions adventure list have been updated to include all 16 adventures! Please note that DDEX 03-08 has been updated to correctly reflect that it is a 4 hour adventure for level 5-10 characters. If your convention had this as a premier or regional preview please take note!

Rage of Demons Adventures List

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Author: Robert Adducci

Robert Adducci is an RPG community organizer and helps out games stores and conventions in the Denver area with social media and community management. He is a die-hard Dark Sun fan and the founder of the Burnt World of Athas website ( Robert was born in the deserts of Athas, aka Phoenix, AZ, but now lives in the cool climate of Colorado with his wife, two little adventurers, and two animal companions.

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