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Season 9 Character Conversion + DM Rewards

Today we’re releasing the conversion guidelines for updating existing characters and DM Rewards, as well as the Season 9 DM Rewards!

For Players

Advancement Checkpoints.

All advancement checkpoints are removed and you gain a level. As per Season 9 ALPG, this level can be declined.

Treasure Checkpoints.

All treasure checkpoints are removed.

Magic Items.

As a general rule, your character keeps what they already possess, but are subject to the Magic Item Limit provided in the Season 9 ALPG. Characters above or below their Magic Item Limit use the following guidance:

If your character possesses more permanent magic items than their Magic Item Limit allows, select which item(s) the character retains (to a maximum of your Magic Item Limit). All other items are held in reserve and one additional magic item can be reclaimed from this list once the character’s Magic Item Limit increases to accommodate it or by using the normal rules for replacing items at the end of a session. Any permanent magic items still unclaimed after this additional item has been claimed are permanently removed.

If your character possess fewer magic items than their Magic Item Limit allows, choose a number of permanent magic items from those that the character unlocked by adventuring (items unlocked by the evergreen or seasonal unlock lists, or other means aren’t available for this purpose) that would bring them up to their Magic Item Limit.

For DMs

Advancement Checkpoints

Advancement checkpoints are removed and you earn one DM Reward for every eight advancement checkpoints (rounded down) you had earned. These DM Rewards can be exchanged for advancement and other rewards for your characters. Rewards earned from CCC adventures can only be exchanged for advancement; the Season 9 DM Rewards document will provide further guidance.

Treasure Checkpoints

All treasure checkpoints are removed.

Magic Items

Magic items unlocked through DM Quests can be given to your characters as you choose. Permanent magic items given in this way still count towards that character’s Magic Item Limit.

DM Rewards

DM Quests rewards that unlocked character options (such as Oathbreaker) can be used as normal.

Full Season 9 Character Conversion guidance can be found here.

The Season 9 DM Rewards can be found here, with Community Rewards to follow.

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