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Share your Stories, post 1

Here are some of the great stories you’ve shared. For each day a finalist will be chosen, after all the stories have been shared and voted on we’ll vote on the finalists from each day to win a copy of Lost Tales of Myth Drannor! Didn’t share yours? There’s still time, you have until November 3rd! Check out details at the Share Your Stories page.

  1. This Takes places in Tyranny of Dragons Episode. Rise of Tiamat. Xonthal’s Tower.Krugos-dragonborn Champion of Bahamut (Battlemaster), Oscalow-dragonborn “chronomancer” (wizard diviner who described all his spells and feats in a time fashion for role-playing purposes), Arterius, a very complex thief with even a more complex background (Assassin).
    Immediately upon exiting the tower, victorious, they see the village burning below, two red dragons circling.“KRUGOS! KRUGOS! KRUGOS!” a figure bellows from the village (Brad Pitt style via Troy as he calls for Hector)They then see Miresella, in her true succubus form, smiling wickedly at them. She picks up a villager, flies into the air, and callously drops them to their death. She then looks at Arterius and innocently smiles, “oopps I guess I wasn’t strong enough. Can you help me?” They all look down and to their horror notice many other bloodied and broken bodies. As their gaze returns to Miresella her wicked grin has returned.Then the weekly session ends. The players have the week to decide what they want to do and to figure out a plan of action.Backtracking, Oscalow had a vision of a village burning but never looked into it. Krugos, for the entire game, has had a battle developing with Langderosa Firewrath over who is the ultimate Dragonborn. Both have been searching to find their respective deity’s “holy armor” but only one set can be complete at a time because they both need one piece to complete it. . They had also learned that Firewrath had previously been to the village below in search of Krugos but never put the random clues together. Firewrath completed his first. The party also ran into Miresella in human form in a previous encounter. She completely deceived the group and Arterius was the main one she duped by pretending to be utterly helpless. She had also kidnapped a dragon fairy the party had befriended, who called herself Big Vey, and gave him to Severin. Big Vey had become a sort of mischievous mascot for the group.Days pass (in real life). Tension and suspension builds. The party plots behind the DM’s back. Game day has arrived.

    Before entering the village, Oscalow casts Rary’s Telepathic Bond on the party. Once inside the village, Firewrath challenges Krugos to a duel to the death. He gives his word that the dragons will stop attacking the village and if Krugos is victorious they will leave. Krugos agrees. They meet in the center of town (Old West Style), surrounded by Firewrath’s minions. MIresella saunters up to the other two to watch the combat. Oscalow and Arterius want answers but if they do anything the dragons will attack. So they endure her taunts in order to protect the village. The two combatants enter the make shift arena. The tension high, as a fight for the safety of the village’s future and Krugos’ life is about to ensue.

    Combat starts and it is very apparent that Firewrath has the upper hand. He has multiple things going on with him that are advantageous to him, as any “good” bad guy would do. As a DM, I encourage and reward players who come up with out of the box ideas, “plausible” solutions to a problem or use items/spells that are otherwise overlooked/thought of as useless. Oscalow tries to subtly cast Detect Thoughts, he fails but thinks he succeeds. The succubus knows. Arterius knows she knows. She knows that he knows that she knows. He also realizes she doesn’t seem to care. She apparently has no love for Firewrath.

    As combat is going on, the PCs have come up with a solution if things start looking too bad. Which happens. The arena style fits well with the Battlemaster, as it gives them things to do other than just swing their sword. The wizard, who is a chronomancer (actually a diviner but all the abilities are just reworded to give a “time” flavor) is using Detect Thoughts and Rary’s Telepathic Bond to assist Krugos. He is looking “through time” in order to tell him to duck and or strike or whatever the case is and Arterius is trying to tell him when a vital spot is open and when to strike through the telepathic bond. In game terms, they both have to make an Intelligence 15 check each round and if successful the player playing Oscalow can use his Portent Dice and Luck dice to influence the combat. Also during this time, Arterius the thief, can also talk with Krugos. If Arterius can make an Intelligence 20 check and Krugos a Dexterity 20 check (to respond fast enough), Krugos can then apply Arterius’s sneak damage once (which is quite significant so the check was high). Combat goes on. Miresella unabashedly taunts them. Both combants use potions, swords, and abilities until all are spent. It gets down to the last round of combat and things can go either way. All Luck points are spent, all Portent is gone, no sneak attack damage will be happening this round and Krugos has 6 HP while Firewrath has 4 HP. Firewrath misses, miraculously, with all his attacks. Krugos swings and misses. Krugos swings and rolls a 20! Firewrath falls and Krugos becomes The Champion of the Dragonborn; earning prestige, respect, and reknown from his people. The Red Dragons leave.

    MIresella immediately drops a massive fireball in the arena, killing Firewrath, killing many minions, and dropping Krugos. Insanity insues. Arterius gets in sneak damage on Miresella which is promptly followed by a Disintegration spell (or disintergration pie to the face as the PC says) sending her back to the abyss. They get up their fallen comrade and “deal with” any bad guys left.

    In the end, the party emerges victorious. The players took a bad situation that looked bleak and through the use of teamwork and ingenuity prevailed.

  2. They set out to rescue three of Phlan’s most important from the tyranny of Vorgansharax, a green dragon, the Maimed Virulence under the umbrage of the Thicket. Toshihiro; the studied Wizard. Grift; the tenacious Tabaxi Ranger. Scooby (yes, Scooby); the understated Druid. Stick; the rapscallion Rogue. Castalia; the meek Bard… They had one task, and it was merely a rescue mission. They were never meant to fight a dragon…When trapped in the arena, Scooby turned into a bear and decimated an insidious Slaad with a Critical Hit. He bore down with his giant paws, crushing the Slaad beneath him. When he did so, the party had a choice. Would they leave Phlan with a pyrrhic victory? Or would they be legends and risk everything to save their city.They were cocky, to be sure. They strode to the tallest tower of Valjevo Keep to meet Vorgansharax in combat for the Cinnabar Throne. They fought admirably.
    High on the adrenaline of victory, Scooby sprinted forth alongside Stick. Catching glimpse of the Maimed Virulence’s deformed wing, Stick leaped up and tore into the dragon with his dagger, Scooby casting spell after spell. The two took quite a beating. The dragon’s tail and wings beating repeatedly, the two struggled to stay on their feat.Grift stood afar in the corner, firing arrow after arrow, until finally, cornered by the dragon, took an entire burst of poison breath to the face. Castalia tried in vain to heal her fellows. All seemed lost when Vorgansharax’s cronies filed into the rear of the throne room… Veterans, and cultists, and mages. About a dozen of them. All seemed lost.From afar, Toshihiro had blown a green powder of crushed gemstones. He whispered an incantation, his hands moved deftly, and a Wall of Force appeared, separating these new enemies from the battle. There was hope once again. Toshihiro ducked around the corner to maintain his evocation.The battle raged on, the heroes were bloodied and battered. The casters were running out of spell slots, those fighting up close and in range alike were dying, and the Maimed Virulence himself had run his Legendary Resistance dry. In the end, it was tiny Castalia… Her obsession with cleanliness, her frequent use of Prestidigitation, her compassion even towards her enemies, all made for something unexpected. The dragon, focused on Grift at the time, never had a chance.

    Castalia’s Dissonant Whispers was what did the dragon in. He reared back, his massive pupils dilated, he showed fear like he had not since that bronze dragon attacked him as a wyrmling. Vorgansharax, the Maimed Virulence, collapsed; dead at Castalia’s hand.

    Around the table, the players erupted joyously. Kaitlin, Jay, Michael, Jason, Thomas. All high-fived each other in the end of the epic show down that they were never meant to attend, and never meant to survive. Each was responsible for their success.
    They had conquered Dungeons, & now… Dragons. I’ve never been more proud to be a dungeon master.

  3. The party had made their way through the first floor of Boszorkan Keep, now possessing both keys necessary to reach the final, secret room that would lead them up to Esmae’s ritual. As they set the keys and the doors unlocked, one of them angered the fire elemental lurking in the Great Hall. It was time to leave.They rushed upstairs, the paladin Mace leading the charge, as his brother Face stayed down below to fend off the elemental. As Mace reached the top, he immediately attacked the old witch and killed her instantly, before he could identify her as friend or foe. The suit of armor animated next to her body, and started attacking those who had reached above.With little breathing room, the drunken monk in the party rushed to open the door at the top of the staircase, only to see Esmae and her dancing cohorts starting her ritual! He immediately said “pardon me”, closed the door, and then continued with the fight against the armor.Meanwhile, at the bottom of the staircase, Face flailed wildly at the elemental, trying anything he could to knock the thing prone (though it proved impossible), while being healed by a very kind healer standing on the step behind him. That’s when Esmae ordered her cohorts to kill the party while they had the chance!That whole ending to The Dark Lord was an absolute treat, and we all still reminisce about it a year and a half later.
  4. Playing DDEX3-2 Shackles of BloodA first time Adventurers League player was playing Briffany, the human sorcerer with the noble background.In her first three turns Briffany incited the crowd to shove a guard into a flooded arena where she and the other characters were forced to fight. She then jumped into the water and cast disguise self to make herself look like the guard. Finally, she used the friends spell to persuade the other guards to fish her out while the first guard got attacked by a swarm of quippers. Absolutely amazing!
  5. My very first AL game as a DM was Uninvited Guests. I had a player character named Roy, who looks like a pirate, but adamantly denies being a pirate, just a regular sailor. As the session was ending, while they loot the enemy and receive their rewards, he said that he’s carving his initials to a tree. Absentmindedly, I asked what his initials were, and he replied with a very loud ‘ARRRRRR!’. Everyone in the table laughed and clapped, finally getting a long set up joke, making for a very memorable first session.
  6. In the cold frosty depths of the Storm Kings Thunder campaign, I had a player turn an awful defeat into the most interesting plot device I’ve ever been given as a DM. Without giving too many spoilers, I’ll say that my 6 intrepid players made their way into a hidden cavern where they were challenged by a rather tricky puzzle. The party decided that it’s Warlock would be the best bet to solve the riddle. So the brave Warlock stepped up to the plate and did the one thing I never could have expected- he did the worst thing possible and set off, not just one, but 6 deadly traps simultaneously! Of course, the party was immediately crushed with one lonely player escaping out of the cavern alive. From there he found aid in the unlikely form of a group of Dragon Cultists in the service of the legendary red dragon, Klauth. The bodies were collected and healed one by one. Later, death once again found the Warlock- now traveling regularly with the Dragon cultists. For this second resurrection Klauth demanded that in exchange for his life that a new pact had to be formed in service to the old dragon. Of course, the Warlock agreed and for the rest of the adventure, he traveled with a sending stone doing Klauth’s bidding- such as stealing a floating castle for him! It was great. The pact with Klauth plotline, became the most fun I’ve ever had DMing D&D. It provided me endless opportunities to throw a wrench into every quest they undertook for the rest of the adventure. They hunted down competing dragons, gained control over barbarian tribes (two to be exact), and of course slayed a good amount of giants for the glory in the name of the chaotic dragon who decided to be a DM for few months!
  7. I was running Out of the Abyss for a group of players, many of whom would go on to become close personal friends of mine. One particular player was playing a surly, hot-headed barbarian; with no fewer than 20 crossbows levelled at his chest, and having not learned previous lessons in diplomacy he demanded entry through the gates of Gracklstugh. The hail of bolts fell him in an instant, but as luck would have it Errde Blackskull was enamoured by his brazenness. He was stabilized and brought to the barracks, where Errde enlisted his help in tracking down Droki. The party later had to flee the city, after he accidentally started a fire that burnt the derro quarter to the ground.
  8. While running “Shackles of Blood”, at the ambush site with the river behind it, my players each got shot with crowsbows. So they geniously fell back into the water (faking death) and floated down river. Then got out, circled around and ambushed the ambushes and killed them all! Amazing!
  9. The adventure was ran in the early days of AL it was Outlaws of the Iron Route to be exact. The group included a vengeance paladin working for the Zhentarim that ran afoul the Black Fists by taking law into his own hands in an earlier module and cutting the book thieve’s hands off. Somewhat disheartened by their lack of approval for his harsh justice, he was keen to make up for it in whatever way he could.
    Cue the prison break scene. After the fight with the minotaur and saving the half orc bandit from fiery death, the group’s rogue decided to make a retainer out of Rathene Fel. This is where conflict sparked. The paladin refused to release the bandit who hasn’t served her sentence and in the end forced the rogue to give up his claim. The party then separated – the paladin headed back to Phlan with the half orc in tow, and the rogue (feeling resentful for losing a would be retainer) urged the group to press on to find the bandit camp on horse back.
    While the rest of the group was proceeding with their mission, the paladin hired a boat and headed over to the camp on his own. This is where things got most interesting.
    On his own, he stood no chance of going against the entire camp so…he walked in on the bandit leaders’ conversation pleading to join the cause – as gesture of good will, he offered the info that a group of adventurers lead by a rogue would soon attempt to apprehend Sahnd Krulek. He was accepted into the bandit group but was under constant surveillance of Ruse whose grudging respect he managed to gain while waiting for the rest of the group was making their way to the bandits, unaware that their arrival is expected by half of the camp.
    They tore through Jeralla’s forces and dispatched her with ease (thanks to a shadow monk who silenced her with his abilities), but when they finally attempted to sneakily attack the Grey Patriots, they found themselves facing an ambush.
    The combat began with the group at disadvantage, but just as Ruse was coming in for a death blow, the paladin pretty literally cut her through her back creating one of the most personal combat encounters I have ever witnessed in AL. Needless to say, the paladin now faced the wrath of the Patriots with most of them turning their attention to him – this gave the rest of the group sufficient reprieve and in turn allowed them to come to his aid (their characters were unaware of his involvement in the ambush). In the end, the group emerged successful but the vendetta between the rogue and the paladin remained as his parting words for the Zhent were a warning to watch his back from now on.
  10. The Furious Grick
    During a FoF run, my table encountered the gricks near the dwarven crypts. The fight was going smoothly until they met the furious grick. The entire group had this thing surrounded, roll after roll, round after round, the thing not only wouldn’t die, they couldn’t even hit it! 16 rounds later, 30 minutes, and 5 hysterically laughing adventurers (and one hysterically laughing DM) finally dispatched the enemy. It was one of the funniest things I’ve seen to date and everyone had a great time.

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