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If you are a convention organizer of any size, from small, one-day events, up to multi-day international conventions, we can help you.

Part of the D&D Adventurers League is providing content to local, national, and international conventions. In addition to our regular slate of adventures found on the DMsGuild, we have aspects of the program that can help a convention draw in attendees who love D&D. Three of these aspects of the D&D Adventurers League are, Premiere Modules, Regional Previews, and D&D Epics.


Dungeons Masters GuildDungeon Masters Guild modules

When modules are release on the Dungeon Master’s Guild anyone is able to host them, including conventions. Any of the backlog or current adventures can be run at a convention. Our designers work hard on the AL modules and we expect that all Dungeon Masters have their own purchased version of the module to run at a convention. How DMs acquire the module is between them and the convention. Some conventions may reward DMs that already have a module or the module could be purchased or gifted to the Dungeon Master.

Premiere Modules

Each new D&D Adventurers League PDF module premieres at at least 1 multi-day convention around the world, sometimes we award multiple conventions a co-premiere. These premiere conventions are given complimentary copies of the module to give to their DMs as well as provided convention support directly by Wizards of the Coast (usually in the form of swag to give to their DMs, such as stickers, books, or other cool stuff).

To apply to receive a Premiere Module please fill out the Request for Premiere, Epic, or Regional Preview Adventure form. We usually contact conventions about receiving premieres shortly after a new season is announced. As of now (Sept 2016) we’re accepting applications for premieres starting in April of 2017.

Regional Previews

In the weeks between when an adventure premieres at a convention and is released to the public on the DMsGuild some multi-day conventions can be awarded a regional preview. If a convention happens outside of the region where a module premiered they may apply to receive early access to purchase the module on the DMsGuild. Typically only one convention will be selected in each region, although multiple conventions may be chosen if they are sufficiently distant from each other.

To apply to receive a Regional Preview fill out the Request for Premiere, Epic, or Regional Preview Adventure form. Only applications for conventions on or after September 16th 2016 will be reviewed.

D&D Epics

ADVEpicD&D Epics are special multi-table events that allow players to participate in exciting, EPIC adventures! Epics can be awarded to multi-day conventions as well as store game days or single day conventions that can host a number of tables at once.

To apply to receive a D&D Epic fill out the Request for Premiere, Epic, or Regional Preview Adventure form.




ccc-consConvention Created Content

With the creation of the DMs Guild, the D&D Adventurers League has opened an exciting new opportunity for convention organizers. Convention organizers may now create (or have created) unique adventure content set in the Moonsea region of the Forgotten Realms for their events, and have that content approved and declared legal for D&D Adventurers League play. In order to get the D&D Adventurers League stamp of approval, we ask that you follow the rules and processes linked here. These are subject to change as the program matures and as we learn more about what works, what doesn’t work for the D&D Adventurers League community.

Here’s a primer for CCC.

Special Guests

In addition to getting adventure support, conventions can request special guests from Wizards of the Coast. D&D Adventurers League AL campaign staff may also be available for conventions.

D&D Adventurers League Convention Map

Convention MapBe sure to add your convention to our D&D Adventurers League Conventions Map. This map is community maintained, so if you know of a con not on the map, be sure to tell the con organizer to add all the details.

Zoom in or out to limit the locations shown on the map and the sheet.

Promotional Items

Next, create promotional items, announce the events to your local community, and get ready for the fun!  Some flashy flyers or notecard-sized handouts can really spread the word about your event very quickly.

DCI Numbers

As players sit down at your table, record their DCI numbers.  If they do not have a DCI number they can get one at If you’re partnering with a store they can order temporary DCI cards for you in case internet connection is difficult at the convention or for players without smartphones, tablets, or computers.

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Robert Adducci
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