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Welcome to the celebration that is #VotePipyap – the destination event for D&D Adventurers League players! Gathering players and DMs both online and in person, join us as we spelunk through the perils of Baldur’s Gate and descend in Avernus… and beyond! Similar in scope to this year’s ultra-successful Descent (aka: D&D Live 2019 in LA), we will be hosting live tables, digital gameplay demonstrations, creator and industry interviews, and even some interactive opportunities for our attendees. Across three days of gameplay you can expect us to literally go to Hell and back – and then some!

Beginning at 10am ET on Friday, September 13 and continuing through 3pm on Sunday, September 15 we will have a huge number of adventures and goodies from Baldur’s Gate, Avernus, and the Adventurers League for our guests and players.

Some of the games that we’ll be playing include:

  • the 2019 D&D Open
  • DDEP09-01 Infernal Pursuits
  • DDAL09-01 Escape from Elturgard
  • and a whole slew of content that has yet to be announced!

Our intent is simple: to showcase the story of Avernus and all that it entails. To accomplish this, we’re making this a “one ticket” event, meaning that your single ticket purchase gets you seated with a static group of players for all of your games Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We’ve invited some of the best Dungeon Masters in the Michigan area to run these tables, including Aaron Jones, Fenway Jones, Ginny Loveday, James Introcaso, Joe Reblin, Jon Connor Self, LaTia Bryant, and several members of the D&D AL admin team (Lysa Penrose, Amy Lynn Dzura, Claire Hoffman, Alan Patrick, and the floating head of Greg Marks)! There are other DMs that will be attending as well, and more information on this front over the next few days!

We’ve even got some special guests attending the event – Dave Christ (of Baldman Games) and Alex Kammer (of Gamehole Con) are the first on this list, and others are soon to be announced as well. Pipyap is even making a campaign speech on Friday night!

So, the gritty details of the event are as follows:

  • WHO? the D&D Adventurers League and Pipyap the Imp
  • WHAT? #VotePipyap
  • WHEN? September 13th through 15th (Fri – Sun)
  • WHERE? Hell, Michigan (yes, this is a real place), at Hell Creek Ranch‘s large private clubhouse
  • WHY? Because Pipyap’s gonna save Avernus from itself (and maybe get a few cookies in the process)

We’ll be talking about vendors and other shiny things later this week. Until then, you can check out our Code of Conduct and get ready for event registration!

Finally, let’s chat about money. This isn’t a “get paid” show. All profits from this event are being split equally between Extra Life and Jasper’s Game Day. We adore these organizations and fully support their missions and actions.



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