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DnD_EE_banners_300x250Hosting D&D Adventurers League at your store is easy. You can download the D&D Adventurers League modules for your DMs or ask them to purchase them on the Dungeon Master’s Guild.

Once the store has adventures they can find Dungeon Masters (DMs). If they need help finding DMs, check out the local D&D Adventurers League Facebook Pages and put the call out. If there are no local pages you can ask in the global social media pages on Facebook or Google+.

Make sure your DMs are familiar with the free D&D Adventurers League Player’s Guide and AL Dungeon Master’s Guide. DMs should also be made aware of the #DMQuests system of DM rewards.

Setup days to run the modules. Having a set, consistent, day to run D&D helps players know when to show up. Classically that day has been Wednesday, but any day that works for your store should be used.

Download pregenerated characters and other handouts.

Next, create promotional items, announce the events to your local community, and get ready for the fun!  Some flashy flyers or notecard-sized handouts can really spread the word about your event very quickly.

Here are some todo’s:

Make sure your store is signed up as a WPN store. After that, you should start receiving Wizards WPN retail emails which will include preview content available to stores.

Until then you can start running AL games right away:

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Robert Adducci

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Robert Adducci
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