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Oracle of War

The Adventurers League is heading to Eberron! Uncover the shards of the past with Eberron: Rising from the Last War, a new D&D book detailing everything you need to play a pulp adventure story in a setting where magic is common and the world’s powers vie for control after a devastating continental war.

D&D Adventurers League modules can premier at conventions around the country, world, and sometimes world wide web. Convention may request adventures as regional preview adventures to get early purchase access before the general public if their event falls between the premiere event and the DMsGuild release, apply for regional previews from the D&D Adventurers League Con Support form. Adventures will become available for general purchase from the Dungeon Masters Guild about a month after they premiere.

Hardcover Content

The world of Eberron offers an industrial take on fantasy storytelling with trains powered by lightning, airships docking above cities lit by magical streetlamps and manufactured humanoids walking among the elves and humans of the land. Eberron: Rising from the Last War is a 320-page book detailing the war-torn continent of Khorvaire, along with a wealth of features for D&D fans to incorporate into their characters’ adventures. It also introduces the artificer, the first new class made available for D&D since the release of the Player’s Handbook. Look for Eberron: Rising from the Last War everywhere on November 19, with a special alternate cover designed by Vance Kelly only available through game stores.

In addition to the artificer class—which fuses technology and magic—players will also be able to customize their characters with four new races and twelve magical dragonmark tattoos. A new game element called group patrons also provides parties with shared background features, helping to define adventurers’ roles in the post-war world.

Dungeon Masters can also expect to find a new cache of tools in Eberron: Rising from the Last War, including an overview of the continent of Khorvaire, a gazetteer of the towering city of Sharn, maps of lightning-powered trains and industrial workshops, plus tons of adventure hooks and details on designing adventures set after the Last War.



An alternative art cover with a distinctive design and soft-touch finish is available exclusively in game stores on November 19, 2019.


Price: $49.95
Release Date: November 19, 2019
Format: Hardcover





D&D Adventurers League Adventure Modules


Oracle of War is D&D Adventurers League campaign allowing players and DMs to take part in a thrilling tale of destiny, espionage, romance, and pulp action set in the world of Eberron. Across twenty episodes, Eberron’s greatest villains conspire against scheming Dragonmarked Houses to seize control of the Oracle of War, a magical artifact with the power to decipher the Draconic Prophecy and steer the future of the world. As rival factions collide, a small group of scavengers from a remote Mournland salvage base find themselves holding the fate of Eberron in their hands.


DDAL-EB-01 The Night Land

Level Range: 1-4 (optimized for 1st level)
Adventure Designer: Shawn Merwin
Adventure Description: The brokers of Salvation pay good coin for artifacts scavenged from the haunted battlefields of the Mournland. In this nest of cutthroats, daring explorers gather to carve their destinies from the ruins of Cyre. They’ll need all the help they can get: it’s no secret that most scavengers don’t survive their first expedition in the Gray. This Tier 1 adventure is optimized for APL 1, and is the first adventure in the four-part Spoils of War storyline.
Adventure Length: 4 hours
Adventure Premiere: Gamehole Con (10/31-11/3, Madison, WI)
DMsGuild Release: TBA

DDAL-EB-02 Voice in the Machine

Level Range: 1-4 (optimized for 2nd level)
Adventure Designer: Will Doyle
Adventure Description: The adventurers head deep into the Mournland to rescue a missing salvage team. In the heat of battle, they unearth a strange device from the ruins: The Oracle of War. This machine knows all the secrets they need to overcome their enemies – if only the adventurers can figure out how to operate it! This Tier 1 adventure is optimized for APL 2, and is the second adventure in the four-part Spoils of War storyline.
Adventure Length: 4 hours
Adventure Premiere: Gamehole Con (10/31-11/3, Madison, WI)
DMsGuild Release: TBA

DDAL-EB-03 Where the Dead Wait

Level Range: 1-4 (optimized for 3rd level)
Adventure Designer: James Introcaso
Adventure Description: On their way back to Salvation, the adventurers are ambushed by a large force of undead and forced to seek shelter in a ruined cottage. As the dead close in from all sides, the survivors turn to the Oracle of War for a lifeline. Only this time, things don’t play out as expected…. This Tier 1 adventure is optimized for APL 3, and is the third adventure in the four-part Spoils of War storyline.
Adventure Length: 4 hours
Adventure Premiere: Gamehole Con (10/31-11/3, Madison, WI)
DMsGuild Release: TBA

DDAL-EB-04 The Third Protocol

Level Range: 1-4 (optimized for 4th level)
Adventure Designer: M.T. Black
Adventure Description: The Oracle of War has been recovered from the Mournland. Its creators respond by activating “The Third Protocol”, an instruction to recover the device and eliminate all who know of its existence. As night falls, a posse of assassins step off the lightning rail with orders to raze Salvation to the ground and steal the Oracle. This Tier 1 adventure is optimized for APL 4, and is the fourth and final adventure in the four-part Spoils of War storyline.
Adventure Length: 4 hours
Adventure Premiere: Gamehole Con (10/31-11/3, Madison, WI)
DMsGuild Release: TBA



D&D Adventurers League Epic Adventures

D&D Epics are exciting multi-table events where participants cooperate in a “mass raid” of truly EPIC proportions; as every table works toward the same goal, individual tables act as squads that might take on different tasks, possibly affecting other tables or unlocking side quests needed to progress the event. Conventions (single- or multi-day) and store game days can request a D&D Epic by filling out the Request for Premiere, Epic, or Regional Preview Adventure form.

DDAL-EBEP-01 The Iron Titan

Level Range: 1-4 (optimized for 3rd level)
Adventure Designer: Will Doyle, James Introcaso, and Shawn Merwin
Adventure Description: In this epic event, Cultists of the Emerald Claw reanimate a gargantuan warforged titan from the battlefields outside Salvation and turn it against the outpost. The scavengers in town must work together to disable the titan limb-by-limb and save the outpost from annihilation. They are aided throughout by the Oracle of War, which provides vital tactical advice alongside cryptic verses from the Draconic Prophecy. This Tier 1 adventure is optimized for APL 3, and is the Epic adventure playable as part of the Spoils of War storyline.
Adventure Length: 3 hours
Required Number of Tables: 4+
Adventure Premiere: Gamehole Con (11/8-11, Madison, Wisconsin)
DMsGuild Release: N/A


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