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Tutorial for D&D Adventurers League Logsheets

This tutorial will guide you through the process involved in setting up, updating, and maintaining your D&D Adventurers League (AL) Logsheet. Follow along as we go from start to finish – as close as we can get to the finish of an ongoing experience, anyway. We’ll make our initial entries, add experience and downtime days, record gold lost and spent, acquire and trade magic items.


Your logsheet is the key to organized play in D&D AL. It contains everything you’ll need to run your character at events all over the world, and in casual games as well. A current and well-maintained logsheet will ensure that joining and playing in games with players from all over, is a smooth and satisfying experience for everyone involved.

Getting to Know Your Logsheet

Your Logsheet consists of essentially two sections. The topmost section which records your personal information, then three identical Session Sections which record your adventuring sessions. Some things are unlikely to change outside of marriage, such as your name. Your DCI# will not change either. Up to level 4, players may “rebuild’ their characters, which might cause a change in the player class, or faction. Your character name must remain the same, once chosen.

D&D Encounters

Here is the first page of a full Aventure Logsheet for a Sorcerer named Mordisha, who started in league play on August 23, 2014. This is for the first session of Hoard of the Dragon Queen, a D&D Encounters session for characters levels 1 to 4.


Note that as Mordisha has not yet ventured forth, there are blanks in most of the session log, and the remaining session boxes are completely blank. Each session box will be used for an individual session, and only one session.

The following graphic shows Mordisha’s logsheet immediately after the first session. Note that there is an entry in every column, even if it started at zero and nothing was added or subtracted.


We add up the columns, and Mordisha’s logsheet now looks like this.


We see that Mordisha has gained experience, spent some gold, did not acquire downtime, nor renown. Mordisha did, however, obtain a Potion of Healing from a cultist. A potion is a consumable magic item, and is recorded on the Adventure Notes portion of the logsheet, as well as on the player’s actual character sheet.
Mordisha is now ready for the next session, wherever in our world or Faerun adventure calls.

D&D Expeditions

We rejoin Mordisha, who is now an experienced Sorcerer and at 5th Level decides to participate in D&D Expeditions.

Looking at Mordisha’s updated logsheet, we see that we are on page 6. Through adventuring, Mordisha has now acquired a magic item. Mordisha’s player has noted “Bracers of Defense,”on the logsheet. Mordisha has three potions of healing, as well.


This is an Expeditions adventure, and as such, Mordisha’s player has noted that it is session “1 of 1,” since it is a one-time adventure and separate from the continued Hoard of the Dragon Queen that Mordisha is normally a part of.

In the course of the adventure, Mordisha earned 3,750 experience points, received 300 gold pieces, 10 down time days, and two renown points. Mordisha also acquired a scroll of “hold person,” and used up one healing potion. These are recorded on Mordisha’s logsheet (and character sheet), but are not indicated as gained or lost magic items, as they are consumables.

Mordisha’s updated logsheet is below, with totals also indicated.

log6You should drop the totals from the first session box to the second.

Continuing Play

After Tyranny in Phlan, Mordisha returns to tracking the Cult of the Dragon in Hoard of the Dragon Queen. This can happen, at a store or other public venue, or perhaps in someone’s home. Fortunately, such a game has been organized, and Mordisha finds himself outside of Waterdeep once again tangling with the Cult of the Dragon.

At the conclusion of this session, in addition to recording experience and gold gained, Mordisha’s player chooses to use 10 days of downtime to begin learning Draconic. This requires 250 days of study. Mordisha elects to use 30 downtime days to put toward this task. Mordisha’s player chooses a modest lifestyle (2 gp/day) – as in keeping with Mordisha’s character.

Mordisha received 250 gold during the course of the adventure, but must subtract the lifestyle cost (30 days x 2gp/day = 60g). Mordisha’s player will add 190 gold to the logsheet.

Further, Mordisha trades his Bracers of Defense for a Dagger of Venom. Mordisha’s log sheet will show no change in the number of magic items, however, Mordisha’s player and the trading player will fill out the trade block on the back of the item certificates. Of course, these changes will be recorded on Mordisha’s character sheet as well.
Mordisha’s logsheet now appears as follows:


A Quick Word About Adventure Notes

I have kept adventure notes to a minimum because of spoilers. I’ve had the most success writing down keywords, rather than attempting to capture all the events, NPCs, battles, close calls, thrilling chases, hard-won victories, and tragic losses. Notes pertaining to key scenes, key goals, or important points you want to remember.

Your Logsheet is as Important as Your Character Sheet and Dice

Your logsheet is your key to enter events and it speaks for your character. It will be very difficult for organizers and DMs to place you in a game without your logsheet, even if you bring your character sheet.

There are a multitude of options for “backing up” your character sheet. Personally, I take a picture of mine after every session. Other options include scanning, copying, keeping your sheets in page protectors or even leaving a copy at your FLGS. There are a great set of online tools available at:

Take care of your logsheet, and it will take care of you, and your character.

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