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Upcoming adventures for “Curse of Strahd”

Cos Logo Dark TexturePeople are all a-twitter for details about the upcoming details for the D&D Adventurers League – Curse of Strahd storyline.  We can’t spoil all the details yet, but you can sink your teeth into the following juicy bits…

New adventures are coming, and soon.  Neither vampire nor werewolf nor snow nor cling of mist stays our designers from the expedient execution of their plans. (my apologies to the wonderful folks at the USPS, but it was just such a great opportunity)

We’re launching DDEX4-01: Suits of the Mist at Winter Fantasy, but you’ll have to get past DDEP4: Reclamation of Phlan first.  The first steps into the demiplane of dread can and should only be had once your world is saved (or not, depending on how your table in the Epic fares!).

Adventure opportunities into the mists are abundant, and will take you into April of 2016:

  • DDEX4-01: Suits of the Mists, by Shawn Merwin (levels 1-2, balanced for level 1)
  • DDEX4-02: The Beast, by Alan Patrick (levels 1-4, balanced for level 2)
  • DDEX4-03: The Hangman, by Jerry LeNeave (levels 1-4, balanced for level 3)
  • DDEX4-04: The Marionette, by Robert Alaniz (level 1-4, balanced for level 4)
  • DDEX4-05: The Esper, by Ron Lundeen (level 1-4, balanced for level 4)
  • DDEX4-06: The Ghost, by Ken Hart (level 1-4, balanced for level 4)

What’s that, dear reader?  “That’s only six adventures in Barovia!” or was it “I am level five, where are my adventures?” or perhaps even “I don’t think that I like scary things that go bump in the night; I would prefer to stay in the Forgotten Realms”? “I want more story details!”?

  • Curse of Strahd releases March 15th (or March 4th for North American WPN stores); this hardcover adventure provides play options for levels 1-10
  • Adventures for levels 5-10 will be available after those listed above
  • You can always hit up for official D&D Adventurers League adventures that you may have missed
  • We’re going to be light on posting the blurbs for these adventures for now… as this is a tightly-themed season we are trying to keep the spoilers to a minimum

Lastly… have you seen the incredible tarokka deck that our friends at Gale Force 9 put together?

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