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UPDATED! Sword Coast Adventurers Guide & you!

People are diving whole-heartedly into the goodness contained inside the beautiful covers of the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide – and in that process we’re all finding a few unexpected things.


NOTE: The Sword Coast Adventures Guide rebuild option expired at the end of season 3 (March 3rd, 2016)

Please bear with us a moment while we announce a few slight updates and clarifications:

Background: Inheritor [update]

  • under “equipment”, substitute “any items with which you are proficient” for “any one gaming set or musical instrument with which you are proficient”

Class: Barbarian – Battlerager [clarification]

  • Only dwarves can become battleragers.  Other races are not allowed without specific campaign documentation.

Class: Wizard – Bladesinger [clarification]

  • Only elves and half-elves can become bladesingers.  Other races are not allowed without specific campaign documentation.

Race: Rare Elf Subraces [clarification]

  • Elven characters may choose to select one of the rare elf subraces for roleplay purposes.  There are no mechanical benefits or hindrances associated with choosing a rare elf subrace.

Race: Option: Human Languages [clarification]

  • All human languages listed on page 112 are legal for use in Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League play.

These updates are retroactive and may potentially affect all characters.

The updated Sword Coast Adventurers Guide Addendum can be found here!

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