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#VotePipyap, July 12 update

“This city’s really going to, you know…” Pipyap trailed off, letting the comment hang in the air for a moment. His tail twitched twice as he continued, “… that place. And I’m not sure that I’m ready for that big trip. Fai, it’s not my fault that adventurers keep taking my cookie bag!” The imp spat out that word, adventurers, with a level of ire usually reserved for uninvited door-to-door salespeople or the aftermath of finding a lost die with the sole of one’s foot in the dark.

Baldur’s Gate has long been known as a place of loose laws and looser purses; a city of both ill repute and great fortune. Adventurers and merchants alike often start – and end – their careers in these streets, one way or another. Today, Pipyap was meeting with a merchant that was a long way from either end of that career spectrum.

The merchant in question, a Shou gentleman with a curling mustache and flowing, brightly-colored robes, squeezed a lime into his teacup. “This thing, this task, is no small feat. What good will come of it? We all realize that the bag is of extreme importance to you – but to us? We simply don’t see the value that you claim.” The merchant trailed a long, delicate finger across the top of a nearby ballot box.

“And yet, dear imp, I think that we may have a path forward. If you agree to our price, that is.”

In today’s #VotePipyap news, we’ve got a minor hurdle of a development but only because several amazing things are cooking behind the scenes – and like any truly tasty recipe (to which Pipyap can certainly attest), these things take some time to cook!

First, the hurdle: tickets aren’t going on sale today. Why? Well, the short version is that we’ve got an involved conversation going on with a program partner, and in order to ensure that All The Awesome is appropriately deployed at the event, they’ve asked for a couple days – and our gracious understanding – to get their proverbial ducks in a row. That said, I’ll be updating the event page as more developments occur, and I’m cautiously optimistic that we can aim at the end of next week!

Second, the good stuff! Let’s break it down:


  • Tickets for the event are going to be $150, and this covers the entire weekend — Friday, September 13th through Sunday, September 15th.
  • The game schedule runs 10am – 11pm on Friday and Saturday, and 10am – 3pm on Sunday.
  • Your ticket guarantees your spot at that table for the entire weekend!
  • Tables will consist of 5 players + 1 DM; if you have a group of 6, please contact Alan directly to work it out as the DMs are all pretty excited to have streamlined tables.
  • This schedule provides for lunch and dinner breaks on the long days, and you can break or play through on Sunday.
  • Attendees must be 18 or older. This is due to the venue’s policies.

Lodging & Travel.

  • We’re gonna be in Hell, Michigan, which is a fairly rural area. You may want to consider picking up an airbnb or checking out the hotels in the general area.
  • If you’re flying in, you may want to arrange a rideshare or rent a car. Hell is roughly an hour from DTW, the airport in Detroit.

Dungeon Masters.

  • Our initial wave of Dungeon Masters have all committed to supporting the event and we’re solid there. If tickets sell like wildfire, we may add a few more tables – should this happen, we’ll reach out to some additional folks!
  • Just because we didn’t ask someone to be part of the event doesn’t mean that they’re not an awesome DM. Nearly everyone that is taking on the DM role at this event is local to this area (and with our budget, that part is very much key).

In the next update I plan to talk about some other important things, like the roster of games (which happens to be one of the Super Cool Things in development!) and the all-important question: “What’s the swag look like?”

Until next time… happy gaming!




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