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When Worlds Collide

So today is just chock-full of big news!

First up, we have the formal announcement of The Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. This hardcover is set in the city of the same name in the Magic: The Gathering multiverse, and represents thefirst official roleplaying entry into those worlds. Ravnica is often referred to as the City of Guilds and is home to a multitude of formal and informal guilds and brotherhoods. It is a place of pure magic, where the extraordinary is just a normal part of every day life.

You can learn more here:

Second, and in my opinion waaaay more exciting: Eberron. Specifically, The Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron!

This book on dmsguild is centered on the major city of Sharn and touches on a ton of Eberron-specific content. Dragonmarks, elementals bound into airships, pulp-noir intrigue, ruins, dropping chandeliers on your enemies, warforged and shifter characters, and all that other wonderful flavor-y goodness is included. We’ve been talking about it internally for awhile and it’s pretty exciting stuff.

But what does all of this mean for the D&D Adventurers League? Currently, not much. While Eberron and Ravnica are certainly exciting, we don’t want to splinter our organized play offerings presumptively. Yes, people are going to want to play in these worlds but before we set about designing and delivering anything super structured we want to know what people are really keen on seeing. In the case of the Wayfinder’s Guide, it’s also very important to note that this isn’t a full campaign book – it’s a spotlight on Sharn, with supplemental information on the rest of the world. There are a lot of awesome creators out there and I’m sure that the offerings across dmsguild are going to be crazy vibrant, so we’ll be watching… and waiting… and, well, that was a bit more intense that intended. Suffice it to say we want to do some OP on this, but we need to make sure that we do it right – and time will be our best ally here! Rest assured, if plans are made to create some Eberron or Ravnica organized play offerings we are going get super loud about it.

You can learn more here:


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