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Online tabletop gaming sessions have become increasingly more popular, thanks to online chat and video services as well as virtual tabletop (VTT) platforms. In addition to sharing this overview of getting started with online gaming, we’ve compiled a list of community-suggested resources for finding the game that’s right for you. All quotes/group descriptions are directly from community members.

Don’t see your preferred way to play? Leave us a comment and we’ll update our page of Online resources!


The Myth-Weavers message boards have an active AL community playing-by-post. Scores of games going on simultaneously, from every season, plus CCCs. Open and welcoming community, and all tables are first-come-first-served.

RPG Geek:
Since the games are play-by-post (as in, everyone is posting on a forum), you can play them any time of day. The games on RPGG are predominately in English, but I think there’s some possibility for games in other languages to happen–we have a fairly big international community. Games also happen pretty regularly, and new players are often given preference by the community. They’re open to the public as well! If you’re not familiar with play-by-post games, we can always walk you through the process. They certainly take a LOT longer than a face-to-face game, but they are a great way to really dig into the roleplaying, if that’s your thing.


Facebook group: Moonsea Pub
Whether you are boasting of your online exploits, DM looking for players to join your Online Adventurers League game, or a player looking to join an AL party, then this is the place for you!

Roll ALready:
Everyone there is super friendly and helpful, there are multiple games at multiple tiers every week across multiple timezones, and we have a lot of modules purchased. Signups are available on the site or via the Facebook group, and an invitation to the discord server will be sent on acceptance. The group runs on donations and contributes to charity. They are a very friendly and fun group and are very welcoming to new members. Many of the games and members are on Eastern US time, but there is some variety and it’s increasing as the community grows.

Discord Servers

Adventurers League Hub:
The server has put together a “content catalogue” of modules that they have made maps for, so DMs running a module can have a room created for them. Friendly players and DMs as well.

The Adventurer Leagues:
Structured better than most, with a prominent code of conduct and a bit more active admin-ery. Also in the range of 1 game a day.

AL Guildhall:
Guildhall has decently frequent games. As of this posting, 5 posted publicly in the last 24 hours. Guildhall tends to have higher-tier games run more often than some other servers. This particular community occasionally has requested an Epic, the last in June, although some individual DMs have asked to run charity games (just regular modules with reroll for cash support, usually supporting Extra Life, with some doing dollar-matching for donations).

We host full campaigns and one-shots on Discord, in a play-by-post style, complete with battle maps and handouts. Come see how we are ending the schedule conflict one game at a time.

D&D Adventurers League Singapore Community
We don’t host games on our server, but it’s a great place to chat about AL and locate DMs who don’t mind running AL games online.

SUPER active with 3+ games ran daily across all time zones. We specialize in teaching those new to D&D/AL/Roll20 and have an incentive program for our DMs!

European Francophone Server

Fantasy Grounds Pick Up Games
We have multiple DMs hosting Adventurers League games with Fantasy Grounds.

La Guilde
La Guilde est un serveur francophone proposant chaque semaine de nombreuses parties. C’est une communauté amicale où les gens se connectent pour échanger autour de leur passion pour le jeu de rôle. Nous avons créé quelques outils qui permettent aux joueurs et aux MJ de se lancer facilement. [La Guilde is a french community where you can easily find games daily. It’s also a friendly community where people usually connect beyond the sessions and share their passion for roleplaying games.  We created a few tools to help new players and spontaneously share preparations, maps and advice to new DMs.]

The Filthy Pig Inn and Tavern Asia/Oceania Gaming Group
Tons of great people to game with online via primarily Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds. Is also a great place just to nerd out.

UK Dungeons & Dragons Server
AL and non-AL games at Euro-friendly time zones. Games currently are all run on Roll20.


This crash course is specifically designed as an overview of how to get around Roll20 and what features are available in the application.

Fantasy Grounds

Adventurers League:
It is the best place I have found to run or play AL on Fantasy Grounds at many different times.

Fantasy Grounds College:
For those looking to learn the Fantasy Grounds VTT, there’s an entire free volunteer community focused on teaching everyone from players to DMs. They have videos, live interactive classes with an instructor, etc. Great way to get up to speed fast, with a great community of support.

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  1. I would very much like to have our Discord server added to the list of play-by-post servers, as well as be able to run AL games.

    How can I go about this?



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