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Community Created Content Program Update

As the Community Created Content program continues to grow, the Adventurers League Administrators and Wizards of the Coast teams are evaluating the existing process and how to balance incoming requests, including reducing the long lead-time (9 months!) of the current multi-stage process.

If you wish to create a CCC for your event scheduled for July 2020 or later, please explore the pre-approved adventure concepts included as part of the CCC creation guidelines and Pipyap’s Guide to All of the Nine Hells.  These adventures, when written according to the CCC guidelines, will not require AL Admin team approval before premiering at your event, but they will need to be submitted to and reviewed by the Admins before publishing on the DMs Guild.

We anticipate releasing additional information, guidance, and options for community-published works in late spring or after the next storyline is announced by Wizards of the Coast. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to streamline our processes!

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