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Community Spotlight: Fenway Jones and Satine Phoenix

So, awhile back I had the opportunity to speak with both Fenway Jones and Satine Phoenix. I’ve known Fenway’s father Aaron for a while now, and he’s always been super proud of her…

… but oh man, the local stores in Fenway’s area positively GUSH over her ability as a community member, gamer, and Dungeon Master. I’ve heard people talk about their favorite DMs before but the fervor with which they spoke about Fenway was something else entirely. I knew that I had to get some time to chat with her and find out just what makes her tick. She’s a young teenager and running fantastic games; this pushes back against so many of the perceived norms in our hobby and community that there just had to be something awesome preparing to unfold.

Long story short, I worked with Fenway to find a time where we could chat and she told me about her intense desire to chat with a hero of hers, Satine Phoenix. I just so happened to have Satine’s contact details handy and long story short, we have a joint conversation where Satine was able to join us via Skype.

Spoiler: the first minute of audio was ‘handled’ by a kender somewhere along the way, and Satine’s audio is a bit low due to some new equipment. My apologies. I suggest using headphones for this one!

Click them to hear the audio (MP3)! This will open in a new window so that you can listen at work. Or whatever.

Talking to these two was an absolute joy. They discuss the ins and outs of being a Dungeon Master, the challenges they face not only playing games with people they don’t always know thanks to the nature of the beast that is Organized Play, the opportunities that they have as women in the hobby and industry – especially in a role like theirs, and more. If you have a chance to play at a table that either of these great DMs are running, DO IT. Stop reading this and sign up for their games.


It’s with great joy that I add that Fenway, Satine, Ruty Rutenberg, and I will be attending a very special event in Howell, Michigan this weekend. The event is called “Jasper’s Game Day”, and all the proceeds will be going to benefit Survivors of Suicide, Inc, a suicide awareness charity located in Saginaw, Michigan. Come to the event, play some awesome games, and partake in a writing seminar or even a Dungeon Master skills seminar.

Fenway on Twitter: @mi_aldnd

Satine on Twitter: @satinephoenix



As an aside, this audio was originally recorded in October 2017 for the Geek Nation podcast. Give ’em a listen and tell them that I sent you!

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